Cleaning stainless steel pots – so it shines again

Sometimes it’s just like jinxed. No sooner has the saucepan been put on the stove than an annoying neighbor rings at the door or the phone rings. By the time you finally get rid of the troublemaker, it can often be far too late. The good new stainless steel pot is completely burnt black. Not to mention the contents.

Remove contents

To gently remove the burnt remains of the contents from the pot, you should fill the pot again with a little water and add dishwashing liquid. Then heat this unappetizing mass until it can be easily removed from the bottom with a spatula. However, you may have to repeat the process twice until you get all the burnt-on residue out.

Cleaning stainless steel

When stainless steel is properly baked on, there is often a black layer left after cleaning that can seemingly only be removed with sandpaper. But of course you should not do that. Better suited is the cleaning powder for the dishwasher. This you give quiet quite abundantly in the pot and fill it with water. If the stainless steel pot is burnt to the top, you should fill it as high.

If you are using tabs instead of powder, you can use one of these tabs. The pot should be left longer with this cleaner. You will also need to do this process a second time in particularly dire circumstances until all the black burnt-on marks are truly gone.

Shine for the pot

After the thorough cleaning action, the stainless steel pot is often dull and dull. If the pot is to regain its old shine, citric acid or diluted vinegar is ideal. Put some of the acid on a soft cloth and rub the pot well with it. Then, rinse the pot thoroughly several times with clear cold water.

  • Heat water and washing-up liquid
  • Remove food residues with a spatula
  • sprinkle the pot with cleaner for dishwasher, fill with water
  • long soaking time – repeat if necessary
  • Restore shine with citric acid
  • Rinse pot with clear water
You do not need to buy extra cleaner for dishwashers. If you have tooth cleaning tablets in the house, they usually work almost as well. In this case, however, water must first be added to the pot and then the cleaning tablet.

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