Cleaning stainless steel pan – but gently!

Stainless steel is tough and can take quite a bit of rough treatment. But if you take care of the stainless steel pan a little and clean it gently, you will enjoy it much longer. In addition, the food in a well-maintained stainless steel pan burns much less. Here are some tips for gently cleaning your stainless steel pan.

Detergent and heat

If something has burned in a stainless steel pan, you should first try the gentlest version of cleaning. In addition to a few squirts of dishwashing liquid, add water to the pan and place it on the stovetop. When the water gets hot, the burnt-on residue usually comes off quite automatically. Plenty of cold water should be used to remove the dishwashing liquid afterwards.

Baking soda – the all-rounder

Similar to the dishwashing detergent, you can also sprinkle baking soda evenly over the burnt-on areas in the pan. Then refill the pan with water and heat it up. In most cases, you can clean the burned-on spots after a short time with a cup brush. Again, rinse with plenty of clean water.

Plastic instead of metal

Particularly stubborn food that has burned in the pan is often removed with a steel sponge. If it really must be, then you should use a comparable sponge made of plastic. Unfortunately, these sponges are no longer available everywhere, but the search can be worthwhile, because the pan will not be scratched with the plastic sponges.

Stains and blue discoloration

Sometimes, even after a thorough cleaning, bluish shimmering stains still appear. These stains are not a cause for concern, but should be removed quite easily with a little vinegar. If these stains sit very stubbornly in the stainless steel, you can add some vinegar to the pan and then heat it. You should then rinse the pan again with plenty of clean water.

To prevent anything from burning in the pan in the first place, you should always heat a stainless steel pan first and then add some oil to the pan. Then wait a little while until the oil or other high-heat fat has also become hot before adding the food to the pan.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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