Cleaning oven with lemon

Many users shy away from chemical cleaners for a long time and therefore avoid cleaning the oven thoroughly. But the baked-on dirt, unfortunately, does not become less by itself. However, there are numerous practical home remedies that allow you to clean the oven entirely without chemicals. Here are the instructions to clean the oven with lemon.

How to clean the oven with lemon?

To clean an oven with a lemon, it should be squeezed and then the juice should be applied to the baking tray or placed in a glass dish in the oven. Then, heat the oven to 100 to 120 degrees and wipe it out after it cools down.

Step by step cleaning oven with lemon

  • Glass dish heatproof
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Juice lemon

1. squeeze lemon

First, you need to squeeze the lemon juice. You can do this with a normal lemon squeezer. If you don’t have any lemons at hand, you can also use lemon essence or citric acid, which you can find in good stores next to the bottles with vinegar essence.

2. glass dish or baking tray

If you want to put the lemon juice or essence directly on a baking tray, you should dilute the juice slightly. Pure lemon juice or pure lemon essence may be a little too sharp for a conventional baking sheet. It is safer to pour the juice into a fireproof glass dish.

3. Heat

Set the oven to about 100 to 120 degrees. If the oven allows, you can turn on the convection after a few minutes of heating. This will allow the citric acid to darken even better into all the corners and sides of the oven. Leave the oven on until almost all of the liquid has evaporated.

4. cool down and wipe out

You should let the oven cool down a bit for a few minutes, but do not open the door yet. If you can just stand the temperature on your hands, you should wipe out the inside of the oven with clean water and a microfiber cloth. The burnt-on residue should have been completely dissolved by the lemon steam.

Tips & Tricks

There are numerous very effective home remedies for the oven, but none of these home remedies without chemicals will smell as fresh and clean as citric acid for even longer. In terms of effect, vinegar brings about the same results, and baking soda that you mix with vinegar even makes extremely burned-in residues of grease and sauce disappear.

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