Cleaning baking tray: 2 techniques at a glance

Burnt-on food residue and other dirt looks unsightly and affects the taste. We show you how to properly clean a baking sheet.

How to clean a baking sheet?

1. Home remedy: With vinegar and baking soda, if you need to do it quickly
2. Oven cleaner: If the baking tray is stubbornly dirty.

The possibilities at a glance

Cleaning the baking tray with home remedies

In every household there are things you can use to clean a baking tray or oven. These home remedies are very compatible and not harmful to humans, nor animals. To remove dirt and incrustations from a baking sheet, you can use such remedies as baking soda, soda, baking powder, salt, dishwasher tabs, dishwashing detergent, vinegar or vinegar essence, and lemon juice or citric acid.

Apply the home remedies to the sheet and, depending on your choice of remedies, ensure a pulpy consistency. The reaction will loosen the contaminants from the surface and cleaning can be done by wiping or rinsing after the exposure time. Depending on the degree of contamination, the exposure time may be longer than with special cleaners.


Cleaning baking trays with oven cleaner

An oven cleaner can also be used to easily remove burnt-on food residue from any baking sheet. Many cleaners have chemical additives, so you should protect yourself from contact. Do not inhale the fumes and avoid unnecessary skin contact. You can also find organic products that you should prefer.

The oven cleaner is usually available as a liquid agent or foam. Apply this to the baking sheet and let it work according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After rinsing off the dirt, each tray should be thoroughly cleaned again.


Product recommendations

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a home remedy that is used for many purposes. In addition to baking, it is one of the cleaning agents to gently dissolve a wide variety of dirt. When combined with water or vinegar, you get a mixture that is very effective. You can find baking soda in different food grades, but this does not play a significant role for cleaning.

Oven cleaner

Oven cleaners are great for removing even baked on as well as encrusted dirt from a baking sheet and other items. They are usually liquids, but foam or gel are also available. Biological products are preferable as they are more compatible and can also reliably remove the contaminants.

Steel sponge

With a steel sponge you can ensure a high level of cleanliness on various household items. In addition to the baking tray, it can also be used to thoroughly clean the oven. Stuck dirt can be easily loosened by scraping in combination with cleaning agents. Care should be taken with coated trays to avoid scratching.

Instructions: Cleaning a baking tray with baking soda and vinegar in 6 steps

How to clean a baking tray

1. roughly clean the baking sheet
2. apply baking soda to
3. Add vinegar
4. Let it all soak in
5. Scrub off the encrustations
6. Rinse off the residues

1. pre-cleaning

Remove coarse and loose dirt from the baking tray. This will allow the actual cleaning to be more effective.

2. apply baking soda

Sprinkle the baking sheet with baking soda or baking powder. Cover all the spots on the tray so that it can be cleaned completely.

Baking soda is a proficient helper when cleaning a baking sheet

3. add vinegar

The baking soda alone is still not enough. Therefore, pour vinegar or vinegar essence on the tray. This will cause a reaction that will loosen the dirt from the surface.

4. reaction time

Leave the mixture to act for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. The duration depends on the degree of soiling. If necessary, extend the exposure time.

Water and home remedies dissolve the incrustations all by themselves, if you allow them sufficient exposure time

5. scrubbing

Scrub off the encrustations or grease with a steel sponge. For coated sheet metal, use a soft sponge or brush.

6. rinse

Finally, rinse the sheet with clean water. You can now easily wipe off any remaining dirt with a cloth. You will now find a baking tray that is shining again and free of dirt.

Possible problems & solutions

The baking tray is covered with stubborn dirt.

If baked-on and stubborn dirt is present on the sheet, then home remedies may not be strong enough. In such cases, reaching for an oven cleaner or other specialty cleaners can do wonders.

The coating came off during the cleaning process.

In case of coated baking sheets, you should avoid damaging the coating by using soft sponges. If it still comes off, then replace the tray with a new one. Some coatings are harmful to health when damaged.

The baking tray is rusted.

You should replace corroded steel sheets to prevent rust particles from getting into the food. Rust is a sign of mishandling or end of life.

Tip: Use pads for protection

Always use a pad such as baking paper to protect the baking sheets. This already prevents contamination. If food residue does stick to the baking tray, you should rinse it off immediately so that it does not burn into the tray.

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