Cleaning a cast iron pan: a piece of cake!

Cast iron pans have never gone out of style. Everyone who gets used to them once basically doesn’t want anything else, because this type of pan is easy to clean and pretty much “indestructible.” Of course, the purchase is accordingly a little more expensive, but most pan owners would certainly say: it’s worth it. Now it’s just a matter of finding out how best to clean this cast-iron gem. We reveal how!

The natural non-stick layer of the cast iron pan

When cleaning a cast iron pan, there is an equally iron law: don’t use any special grease solvents, not even a gentle dishwashing liquid. The iron stores the residual grease and over time it forms a uniform black layer from it. That’s why a burn-in is recommended at the beginning.

This then serves as a natural non-stick layer, which means that it helps to ensure that nothing really burns in the pan. So, a cast iron pan represents a kind of long-term project that will improve itself after some time of use.

If you forget for a moment that dishwashing detergent is out of place here, rinse your pan afterwards with plenty of clean water and, after drying, thoroughly re-grease it with cooking oil. Then you can let the non-stick layer grow again.

How to clean a cast iron pan

The dishwasher is not the appropriate place to clean a cast iron pan, this is self-explanatory after the last section. Much better is to clean it lovingly by hand, with a dish brush and warm water. Proceed as follows:

  1. Rinse the pan under warm running water.
  2. Brush vigorously with the dishwashing brush over all surfaces.
  3. This can take a few minutes longer.
  4. Dry the pan well afterwards
  5. If rust forms, the recipe behind this link will help.
  6. That’s it!

The dry cloth will probably get new grease spots each time, so it’s certainly not wrong to have a separate cloth ready for the pan. Either use a particularly grease-resistant material, or just deal with the fact that the cloth won’t be visually completely clean anymore.

Never leave your food in the cast iron pan for several hours, because then iron and acids react with each other. This quickly leads to color changes and possibly also to taste problems. But don’t worry: poison does not form in the process!

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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