Clean the toaster

The toaster is part of the basic equipment of most kitchens. Nevertheless, few know how to clean a toaster. Below we explain how to clean a toaster and what to look for.

Health and hygiene with the toaster

Already with the operation of a toaster, few people are familiar. It is similar with the cleaning of the bread toaster. Probably the biggest problem is that you can not see the dirt, because it collects inside the device. However, hygiene and health alone dictate that a toaster should be cleaned regularly.

Even if the device is not used for other foods, you should keep this in mind. Crumbs, bread residues, etc. collect at the bottom of the toaster. This is literally a found food for ants, cockroaches and of course even smaller creatures like mites. Bacteria could also develop here.

Construction of commercial toasters

Commercially available toasters have an ejection to the top in common. But inside they can differ significantly:

  • Heating wires behind a protective mat
  • heating wires open
  • electronic control
  • Control via a bimetal

Do not turn the toaster over for cleaning

Again and again you can read a tip to simply turn the toaster over and tap it out for cleaning. We do not recommend this, because the crumbs and crumbles can then get onto the heating wires, between the mats and into the mechanics. For this reason, almost all toasters that eject to the top are also equipped with a small crumb drawer.

Removing crumbs via the drawer

This drawer is located on the bottom of the toaster and can be easily pulled out. All crumbs are collected here and can now be easily disposed of. If anything, the toaster should only be gently shaken or tapped beforehand, as this could damage heating wires, mechanics, electronics or the mats.

Do not clean with a brush

Similarly, we advise against other tips that suggest carefully cleaning the inside with a toothbrush or similar tool. The heating wires are delicate and can be damaged. This is also the reason why toasters are usually designed so that they cannot be opened.

Do not misuse toasters either

Toasters should never be loaded with foods that are not intended for them. This includes fish sticks and other products. Liquids and other food debris will also get into the toaster.

Use toaster exclusively for toast

Just imagine the following situation: you can break a crusty toast over a plate. You turn the plate over and the plate is clean again. With other foods, liquid residue remains, not loose on the plate. Would you use this plate for years if you can’t clean it? So really only use the toaster for toast.

Tips & Tricks

Before you clean your toaster, be sure to unplug it. If water has gotten into the toaster, you need to let it dry for a correspondingly long time. However, it is also not advisable to clean the device carefully damp, because the water evaporates and settles on all parts. Here it can lead to corrosion and subsequently short circuits.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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