Clean the oven with soda – so simple!

There are many helpful home remedies that cost little and work well in numerous areas. One of these popular home remedies is soda ash in powder form. You can often find soda under the term washing soda or even sodium carbonate. How you can clean the oven with soda, we show you here in the instructions.

Soda dissolves grease and dirt

Dissolving soda in water creates a lye that uses the grease in a dirt, so to speak, to make soap out of it. This makes it relatively easy to wipe off the dirt in the oven.

Step by step with soda clean the oven

  • Spray bottle
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Microfiber cloth

1. dissolve soda

Especially for the grates and the sides of the oven, a spray solution of soda is ideal. So you should mix some soda in a spray bottle with water. Do not make the bottle completely full, so you can shake the solution well. If you don’t have a spray bottle at hand, a small cleaning bucket into which you put soda with water will also do. Then stir the solution with a whisk.

2. spray the solution

Spray the soda solution liberally on all dirty surfaces in the oven. Once you have dissolved soda in the bucket, the solution is simply spread over the dirt in the oven with a sponge. Then the dirt should soak for a moment. Usually, you can literally see the greasy dirt quilt up and after a quarter of an hour at the latest, the soda will have done its job.

3. post-cleaning

Now you can simply wipe off the remains of the dirt with a damp cloth. If you have several thick layers of grease in the oven, you can simply spray soda again and let it work again.

Soda is suitable for many applications and should therefore preferably always be present in the household. Especially if you have very hard water, soda can help you so that the washing machine does not calcify. To do this, first put soda in the drum and let some water in. You can also just pour in a pitcher of water and wait a short time before washing. The limescale will then not be able to build up in your washing machine and it will last much longer.

Elizabeth Green

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