Changing the oven lamp – this is how it’s done

From time to time it gives up the ghost – we are talking about the oven lamp. Most often, above the lamp is still a cover, which may be difficult to open. However, the specialized companies often charge surprisingly high prices for changing the lamp. Therefore, here we will show you how to replace the lamp yourself.

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Most of the time, you need to interrupt the replacement of the oven lamp in between to buy a new one. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of ovens show a lot of creativity in the development of sockets and formats that can be installed in an oven. If a lamp that is too elongated is screwed in, it may come into contact with the cover glass. As a result, the bulb is then heated up too much and bursts again right at the first use.

Therefore, our advice always go to the hardware store with the old luminaire. If you buy a lamp before, you may have to go to the hardware store even more often.

Step by step to change the oven lamp

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers

1. switch off the fuse

Even when changing the lamp, you should always push out the fuse. It is not enough that the oven is turned off, yet you can get a dangerous electric shock. Also, of course, you should take out the trays and grates. In some ovens, unfortunately, you even have to take out the whole telescopic rail system.

2. unscrew the cover

Normally, the covers over the light fixture should be easy to unscrew without any tools. Take a microfiber cloth to turn the glass surface. Possibly the cover is very tight because of greasy residue. If so, you can warm up the furnace for a moment or so before changing it to make it easier to loosen the cover. But don’t forget to turn off the fuse again.

3. change the lamp

Not all oven lamps have a turning thread, some are just plugged into the socket. So pull or twist the lamp out carefully with the microfiber cloth. Now screw or push in the new lamp.

4. screw on the cover

If it has already been removed, you can clean the cover right away. Use pure dishwashing detergent, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the greasy dirt. However, dry the cover well again after washing it off. Then the cover can be screwed back on.

Tips & Tricks

If the old lamp has splintered or exploded, it can be dangerous to unscrew it with bare hands. Often it is not even possible to grasp it properly. Then you should cut a raw potato in half and press it with the cut surface onto the splintered lamp. When the potato is firmly seated on the lamp, you can easily twist it out without cutting your fingers. Of course, even with this method, you must necessarily turn off the power first!

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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