Cast iron rusts? This is how you fight corrosion!

Cast iron can rust, that’s a truism. But the material can be permanently protected against this process of decay by building up a protective layer, so iron pans and roasters will last for decades. But sometimes it happens that due to careless handling this protective layer is lost, then rust sets in. How to get rid of the corrosion product?

Removing rust from frying pans and the like: Here’s how!

It is relatively easy to remove rust from a cast iron pan or roaster. If a thicker reddish layer of corrosion has already formed, we recommend scrubbing the surface with fine steel wool first. The iron will withstand this treatment without any problems.

If the cast iron is only lightly rusting, you won’t even need steel wool to remove the corrosion product. We have prepared instructions for derusting, which already knew our grandmothers:

Instructions for derusting cast iron

  • Cooking oil
  • Salt
  • Kitchen paper

1. pour oil into the pan

Fill the affected vessel a few inches deep with cooking oil so that the bottom is well covered. 2 to 3 cm should normally be enough for this.

2. heat the oil on the stove

Now place the pan or roaster on the stove and heat the oil for a few minutes.

3. add salt

In the hot oil, then pour salt by the spoonful and stir the mixture well until a creamy substance is formed. Now you can turn the stove off again. Be careful not to burn anything!

4. clean the cast iron

After cooling, wipe the cast iron thoroughly with kitchen paper or a soft cloth until it is completely clean again: now the rust should be gone.

Prevention of rust on cast iron

A new cast iron pan should always be baked before it is used for the first time for frying and cooking. Baking causes a patina to form, which protects the iron from corrosion and also serves as an anti-stick layer.

Also, oil your cast iron after each cleaning to effectively replenish the existing protective layer. That way, rust will never show up on your pan again!

Dishwashing detergents and dishwasher cleaners have a grease-dissolving effect; they attack the protective patina of cast iron. Therefore, never rinse your cast iron pans with dishwashing liquid or put them in the dishwasher. Hand washing with warm water will do!

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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