Can I burn my iron skillet on the grill?

A new iron pan should not be used immediately for food preparation, but it first needs a pre-treatment: baking the surface causes an even black patina, which, moreover, acts as a kind of non-stick coating. The initial searing works both on the stove and in the oven – but can you just put the pan on the grill for this?

Here’s how to properly sear your iron skillet!

The iron skillet can either be seared on the stove with lots of oil, potato peels, and a handful of salt – or a little more gently with a light film of oil in the oven. The oil film method also works on the stove, but you should allow up to 3 hours for it.

Burning in with potato peels causes a lot of smoke, because the peels have to char black. But for this, the process is finished much faster than the two alternatives. If you want to avoid the smoke in the kitchen, simply use the grill in the garden:

Place the iron skillet on your lit grill after the initial cleaning, pour in a few millimeters of oil, potato peels and plenty of salt, and let the peels turn black on both sides. After that: Let cool and clean, done!

Baking the iron skillet in the closed grill.

The oven method is considered a bit gentler and produces a more even surface film. It can be imitated quite well in a closed grill, but the grill should not get too hot.

  • first clean the iron pan with warm water and detergent
  • after drying, rub well with oil
  • put it upside down on the grill
  • leave it in the closed grill for one or two hours
  • let the pan cool down
  • clean thoroughly with warm water
The use of dishwashing detergent is recommended for the very first cleaning only, after that the pan should be rinsed with warm water only. Regular oiling serves for thorough maintenance.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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