Burn out oven – get rid of odors

Especially new ovens smell very unpleasant at first. The smell often does not go away even when thoroughly cleaned with vinegar and gets even worse when the oven is heated. Then it is recommended to burn out the oven. But this does not mean a real fire. Here we will show you exactly how to burn out the oven.

Step by step burn out an oven

1. cleaning

The first remedy for odors in the home is always vinegar. Therefore, clean any new oven with vinegar first. A microfiber cloth will prevent you from introducing too much moisture into the oven, which could later cause malfunctions due to condensation. After cleaning with vinegar, you should rinse the cloth with clean water and thoroughly wipe the oven again.

Do not under any circumstances use normal household clean ers for this preliminary cleaning, as the residue could be baked in with it.

2. heating up

For burnout, set the oven to at least 200 degrees. This temperature should be maintained for approximately 30 to 60 minutes. If the oven has convection, it should remain off for the time being.

3. cool down slowly

If the oven has been on for a long time, you can turn on the convection and turn off the heat. Then open the oven door just a crack at first. You can stick a wooden spoon or the like in the top of the door to keep it that way. If possible, you should let the circulating air run for a while longer.

4. post-cleaning

After the oven has cooled completely, wipe it out again with a diluted vinegar solution. After that, leave the door of the oven slightly open for a few more days to remove the remaining odors. If the oven still smells then, you can certainly repeat the process again.

There are many special cleaners that promise to get rid of the annoying odors from an oven. However, these cleaners or oven deodorizers often put their chemical smell on the food. These can then taste like soap or lavender, for example. You should stay away from all chemical substances if you already have problems with the smell in the oven. Better is the gentle cleaning with vinegar.

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