Burn in stainless steel pan – this is how it works

In the past, all pans were baked or soaked before the first real frying. Since there are still coated pans in the main, this technique has been completely forgotten, because with a coated pan, it is of course not necessary to create a protective layer in the pan. How to burn in a pan and whether it makes sense at all, we show here.

Burning in a pan – why?

When a pan is baked or baked in, an all-natural non-stick coating is created in the metal surface. All that is needed for the soaking is some fat and heat. The fat gradually polymerizes, forming a coating that is very good at preventing food from sticking and burning.

What’s wrong with it?

Today, with a stainless steel pan, it is not really necessary to bake the surface because stainless steel has very fine pores. However, with a steel pan, which is much coarser in its pores, baking can be a big help. If you are going to put the pan in the dishwasher, you should not burn the pan in. After the pan has been soaked, do not wash it off, as this would remove the grease coating. So you can only clean the stainless steel pan dry with a paper towel afterwards. This is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Step by step burn in stainless steel pan

  1. cleaning the pan

    Clean the pan one last time with a little dishwashing liquid and hot water before baking. After that, the pan must be dried well.

  2. pure heat

    You will need the highest setting on your stove for the burn-in. It is better to open the window beforehand, because this process smokes a lot. The bottom of the pan should be well covered with oil.

  3. potato peelings and salt

    When the oil starts to look streaky and is really hot, add two handfuls of potato peels to the pan. Add to that a teaspoonful of salt. Be careful the fat splatters when you add the potato peels. This mixture must now be fried really nice and black on all sides.

  4. clean the pan

    When the potato skins are completely charred, you can just throw this delicious dish away. Let the pan cool down until you don’t burn yourself anymore. Then wipe out the pan with kitchen paper. If you want to clean the pan again later, the most you should do is rinse it with cold clean water or better just use kitchen paper.


  • Fat / oil heat resistant
  • Potato peelings
  • salt
  • kitchen paper


  • Stainless steel pan
  • spatula
  • Stove

If you want to burn in the pan to fry a steak in it extra hot more often, you should consider buying a copper pan instead. Copper can get much hotter and is ideal for quick frying without burning anything.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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