Build a simple pocket knife for folding yourself

Being able to carve and always having a cutting tool at hand is what distinguishes a pocket knife. Even if a knife construction is relatively simple and self-explanatory, building your own pocket knife is difficult. For a folding model without a spring and latching device, manual dexterity is enough.

Rough folding construction possible

A pocket knife as a simple folding knife can also be made with a common drill and a grinder itself. Models with two or more tools and / or locking mechanism require metalworking professional machines, belt grinder and fine mechanical prior knowledge.

For a simple folding blade, a metal handle can serve as a bearing. However, it is also possible to store the folded blade directly in the handle body. However, attention must be paid to the bearing of the pivot axis, which must be protected from distortion and resulting jamming, for example, in the case of wooden shells.

Blade first

A pronounced blade steel should be chosen for the blade. Other steels tend to deform too much and also have limited sharpenability. Blade steel can already be purchased in the intended blade size so that the handle body is “built around” the blade.

An existing hole facilitates the construction of the pocket knife. The round hole must have a retaining groove to prevent it from spinning on the folding axis at a later stage. Ideally, the interior of the pocket knife is assembled from a metal bed. It later holds the folded blade and provides the stable folding movement guide.

Folding handle and counter blade

The handle body can be bulbous, rounded or straight, depending on your taste. The respective lower or inner sides must be smooth and even to form the mounting base for the metal bed or serve as the blade bed itself. The accessibility of the blade for the purpose of unfolding can be ensured by a depression halfway up the top of the blade. Alternatively, the blade counter-wing can be used as a folding handle.

The protrusion is provided by a folding axis, which is placed approximately between one third and one half of the blade length. It must be drilled accordingly and shortens the cutting blade accordingly. The advantage of this is that the counter-pressure bearing of the counter-blade can be used to constrict a kind of provisional locking of the blade when it is open.

Buy a simple cheap plastic folding knife at the hardware store, take it apart and reassemble it with individual additions. This way you can build your own pocket knife at least partially and get to know the mechanical inner workings at the same time.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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