Breadmaker – what price to expect?

The purchase of a bread maker is quite worthwhile for many people. What price to count on such a purchase, what price differences there are, and what you get for what price, you can read in this article.

Price categories for bread makers

The majority of devices are in a price range between 45 and 90 £. Only a few premium devices are over 90 £, under 45 £ is hardly to be found.

What you get for this price, however, varies. Some baking machines have additional special functions and setting options. These include, for example:

  • Jam function
  • Yogurt function
  • Mixing rods instead of dough hooks
  • Capabilities for different special doughs (pizza dough, desserts)
  • adjustable browning level for the crust
  • different heating levels (at least three should be available, more is advantageous for own experiments)
  • automatic keep warm function
  • timer for delayed switch-on

In addition, individual criteria play a role in the price-performance ratio:

  • Loudness during operation
  • easy cleaning
  • possible filling quantity (from about 750 g to 1.5 kg are common)
  • durability and longevity
  • heating capacity (800 W is an average value)

All these features can often be obtained for comparable prices. Thus, the price-performance ratio of individual devices can often be quite different.

Cost-benefit calculation for bread makers

Again and again the question arises whether the purchase of a bread maker is worthwhile at all. We have investigated this question in a separate article, which you can find here.

These costs can be amortized very quickly – as our cost-benefit calculation shows:

Cost pointPrice approx.
Bread baking mix0,99 £ per kg
Water0,00 £
Electricity costsabout 0,08 £
Total costs1,07 £ per kg bread
Comparison price rye mixed bread from bakery3.01 £ per kg (national average)
Comparison price bread at discounter (price average over different sorts)1,61 £ per kg

Homemade bread is therefore even cheaper than the bread from the discounter shelf. With each self-baked bread one saves compared with the favorable Discounter bread still approximately 50 cent. This means that the breadmaker practically pays for itself over time.

Tips & Tricks

You can also prepare sponge cakes, sweet breads and desserts in many bread makers. If you use these features you can also replace many unhealthy sweets with much healthier homemade baked goods, doing your body a favor.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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