Breadmaker: What power consumption to calculate?

If you regularly use your breadmaker, of course you would like to know how much it costs to operate it. How to determine the consumption of a breadmaker in operation, and with what accuracy, you will learn in this article.

Differences in consumption

A breadmaker independently performs various activities. The most energy is consumed during heating. Other activities of the breadmaker, on the other hand, consume very little energy.

Which activities take how long always depends on the type of program used in each case. In different programs, the individual activities take different amounts of time, and the heating temperatures are often different as well.

Therefore, you cannot use the maximum power indicated on the device to estimate the power consumption. You would then be estimating significantly too high, because this maximum power is only used for very short periods at all.

For a reliable estimate work best:

  • Manufacturer’s specifications in the operating instructions
  • Power consumption meters

Manufacturer information in the operating instructions

Some manufacturers provide information in the operating instructions or in the device documentation about how much power is required for individual program steps or for overall programs in each case. Sometimes, information on power consumption is also provided.

You can calculate from the individual details approximately how much power is consumed in total if you know the duration of the individual program steps. This is somewhat tedious and not completely accurate, but it is usually sufficient for a reliable estimate.

Power consumption meters

You may be able to borrow such meters from your energy supplier, but they are also inexpensive to buy. For 8 – 10 pounds you get already well functioning devices.

These meters are simply plugged into the socket, the plug of the breadmaker is then simply plugged into the appliance socket. In this way, it is determined and displayed exactly how much current the breadmaker draws during the baking process.

Guide values

Of course, the values can vary somewhat depending on the amount of bread, the degree of browning and the program sequence. As a rule, the consumption for 750 g of bread and a medium degree of browning is in the range of 0.4 kWh.

Depending on the electricity price, the electricity costs for the breadmaker are thus around 8 – 10 cents per baking process. They are therefore negligible.

Tips & Tricks

The low power consumption is at least an indication that bread makers can certainly pay off. Whether the purchase is actually sensible, you can read in this article.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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