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5 Best Wrestling Shoes

Are you a Wrestler or starting training for Wrestling? Only a wrestler can understand the needs of good shoes. Without shoes, only old Ancient Greeks can fight wrestling game, but now things are changed. You need good engineered Best Wrestling Shoes, which have perfect design, shape, Sole, and better upper shoe design, which have perfect air flow design, can be good for wrestling.

Here is the perfect buying guide for the shoes for wrestling. How to choose good wrestling shoes, things to keep in mind while choosing one and their pros/cons. There are multiple brands available in market which provides wrestling shoes, like Nike, ASICS, Adidas, etc. We have included Top 5 Best Wrestling Shoes here after doing bit of research. Do check out the comparison table of different Wrestling Shoes.

Advantages of Having Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes are not of same kind that you know about. Its totally different kind of shoe which made of different design. Its upper high-top part is padded, also gives extra support to ankle. It has high traction soles, which gives good grips on smooth surface, where wrestlers do play their game. Those shoes are well engineered.

Its too light weight shoe, where toes and ankle has given most preference. Its Advance material which allows perfect bends while using it and also provides perfect air circulation, so your foot does not get wet inside, and remains cool and dry all the time. Mostly this feature is needed because wrestling games are having very high stakes, sweating is quite normal; in between if the player’s toes gets wet, it might not get good drip.

  • A Perfect Wresting shoe gives comfort and perfect fitting to the player, and helps him to enhance game performance. Legend players and coaches are advises to have two pair of shoes. One for regular practices (where players need to take rough practice) while the other pair of the shoe is used for matches where you need perform.
  • While in wresting game, players need maximum speed to beat the competitor, speed only can be achieve through the good foot practice. And for that, we need good shoe. Many old players who had experience of Olympic has told this thing and suggested to have good pair of shoes.
  • While in game, wrestlers need to concentrate on executing the techniques to defeat the counterpart. Wrestling shoes are made of Strategic cushioning which are advance material which protect player’s feet while in game, and doesn’t allow to get distraction, execute the plan.

These are the advantages of having perfect wrestling shoes, now check out the reviews of popular wrestling shoes in [year];

Top 5 Best Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Jake Varner Wrestling XIV Wrestling Shoes

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:43 pm

This shoe was named by Jake Varner who is living legend of Wrestling world. Adidas is known brand in shoe making and adidas has made this shoes with unique design, sole and some unique features.

Adidas Adizero is available in different color, made of Synthetic material. This Shoe is available in red, Black, Blue, Green and many other attractive colors.

The sole of this shoe is made of advance Synthetic Split Sole, which can help you to speed off your performance while in game. The upper design of the shoe is quite light weight. This will give you more flexibility and comfort even during the shoes.

To give extra grip and traction to the wrestler, Adidas Adizero has used advance matrix of synthetic sole. Which can help players to change your position, with great grip each time; such unique features are available in Adidas Adizero.

The look, design and sole are so good of this shoe that you will buy it instantly. The best thing about this shoe is Grip of the sole and upper sole light weight material, which you will love to use it.

But use this in wrestling ring or practice session of indoor stadium only, using it on outside will damage it for sure.

ASICS Men’s Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:43 pm

Very Bold and most stylist wrestling Shoe by ASICS. This shoe more looks like sports shoes but have all quality of wrestling shoes. It has same sole like Adidas Adizero, Synthetic material of rubber sole, which gives perfect grip.

This shoe has designed with Cross-Hatch Design and this shoe available in two – tone color. This shoe design will give metal strength to the player with its bold look. This shoe has perfectly engineered by ASICS which gives good support to your ankle and maximum traction to your toes.

Upper shoe is manufactured by synthetic materials which gives more air passes to your foot and gives more comfort. Also, the ASICS Split Second has asymmetrical lace enclosure system feature which gives more grip to your foot and gives maximum support in game.

Mesh Material of this shoe helps your foot to keep dry and cool. It reduces the heat during the match.  But Like Adidas Adizero shoes, this footwear is only good for Indoor shoes only. Outdoor usage of this shoe can damage it.

This shoe is available in 4 different colors, Silver, Black, Red, Tang color etc. You can choose your favourite color for your game.

ASICS Men’s Dave Schultz Classic Wrestling Shoe

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:43 pm

This is another wrestling shoe which was named after legendary player Dave Schultz.  This shoe dose not looks like a sport shoes but a perfect wrestling shoe. Available in very short design and color, and priced even less than ASICS split second 9.

This shoe offers perfect griping on toes and sole with more skillful touch on mat. The perfect inner crushing, you will get perfect grip on ankles and toes with perfect interior, you surely will get extra confidence to step ahead in game.

This shoe is available perfect black and red color with normal look but gives unique design. This shoe will give extra class on your performance, as its material will leverage support to all angles.

The perfectly engineered 360 Degree Stitch-Down Sole will give more comfort while playing. The sole is made of synthetic material which does give perfect grip on the smooth surface too. Upper shoe design is very good, adds extra style and gives more support to ankle and protects you from leg injuries.

The Lace Enclosure System to secure your front toes and hard thick material on upper foot and ankle will give comfort and protection. This gives extra confidence of to player, in the wrestling game where lots of footwork needed; this shoe will enhance your performance.

Cleaning and caring required at most to this shoe as its available in light color, but overall its priced less than above two shoes and have good features too.

Asics Men’s Cael V6.0 Wrestling Shoe

4 new from £73.80
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:43 pm

Its manmade shoe from ASICS which You can buy this shoe in 6 different colors. The design is quite good and gives more comfort while wearing it.

The upper part of the shoe is made of ecsaine fabric and mesh which is quite soft and best fitting material. It helps you to keep your feet snug, while the shoe is quite durable.

The material used in interior is ComforDry Sockliner, which keeps your foot dry and keeps circulating air flow. The more your foot is cool, the more you can concentrate.

The out sole is made of NC Rubber, which is mostly natural rubber, and feels like traditional leather. You toe will get more traction while playing with this shoe.

Our testing suggest that after using it for hours in practice, the shoe still feels like new and give quite healthy feeling. You can even use this shoe in outdoor practice and even gym.

Adidas Aq3325 Wrestling Shoes

1 new from £50.52
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:43 pm

If you are looking for cheap price option for just practice purpose or for gym, you can try Rasslin Neo 2.0. Its perfect shoe for beginner who has limited use or for those who are just looking to try wrestling shoe for first time.

Its good stylish shoe at very affordable price. Rasslin has improved shoe design after little research, sole and upper design has been changed. Upper front of the shoe is made of mesh, for air circulation, and to keep dry your foot.

Its very thick around the ankle, gives good support, gives great traction with Rubber soles, more grip is assured. Its interior has designed to give more flexibility and more confidence to the user.

Rasslin has delivered perfectly what they promised. At this price, you won’t get better shoe than this. Also, its quite durable, if you use it properly, even survives the hours long practice sessions.

The only thing which should be improved is its laces, which get caught often at Velcro. RAsslin should have improved laces.


Though, all shoes are good with 1-2 shortcomings, but in our testing we found the Adidas adiZero Jake Varner wrestling shoe is very good for professionals as well as for the beginners due its features, flexibility and comfortness, which no other shoe can match. But, if you have extra demands for look and color, you can try other option as well.

We have added the most popular shoes for wrestling after research, do try any of them. Hope we helped you to get good pair of shoe for your wrestling.

I like to test products and recommend the best ones, write reviews, travel and spend time with my family.

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