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Best Stand Mixers under £100

To mix, beat and knead, nothing better than having a powerful and practical electric mixer, as it allows us an ideal result in much less time and effortless. So it is an appliance that should not be missing in your kitchen. The most important thing to consider when choosing a particular model is that it has adequate power, between 300 and 600 watts, so you can carry out your function effectively, as well as having a comfortable design and adapted to your needs and accessories to facilitate the preparation tasks. One of the models considered among the best on the market by users on the web is the Philips HR1565 / 40, which has 350 watts of power, plus turbo function for the most demanding jobs, and is made of materials very resistant and washable . Another outstanding model is Duronic BL1200, a beater of great versatility that allows to beat, crush, chop and liquefy, and has a power of 1000 watts, and a capacity of 1.8 liters.

What is the Best Stand Mixers under £100 on the market?

Whether mixing, whipping or any other similar operation in the kitchen, the mixer is a staple. A basic that should never be missing in your kitchen and whose purchase has certain secrets that should know. With our guide to buy the best stand mixers under £100 on the market we reveal the secret so that you can choose the most suitable product according to your needs.

The blender is a fundamental tool in any kitchen. All kinds of cakes, cakes, cookies and bread are just some of the things we can do with an stand mixer, but there are also stand mixers with which we can make rich smoothies, soups or fruit juices. That is why we have prepared this selection of the best stand mixers under £100 of [year] with the aim that you make a comparison and you can choose the one that best suits your diet.

Philips HR1565/40 – Mixer 350 W, 3 Speeds and Turbo, 3 Litre Rotating Bowl

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 7:34 pm

  • Power: Offers 350 W, which according to the manufacturer, are sufficient to knead bread mixes. It has three different speeds to control, with efficiency, the aforementioned power.
  • Turbo Button: This function will allow you to obtain a little more power to be able to knead the heavy masses that require it, or to make the beat or mixing process faster.
  • Design: It is made of ABS plastic, which is very hard and resistant, which ensures a very long durability of the device, as well as safety and ease of cleaning
  • Dimensions: It is a fairly compact model, so its storage and transfer will not be a problem at home. The dimensions are: 33 x 24.2 x 21 cm and its weight of 2.3 kg.
  • Articles: In addition to the mixer and the respective hooks for kneading, bring a special spatula for pastry use. Also, the 3-liter bowl is rotating for comfort.

Philips HR1565-40Many users consider this as the best stand mixer this year, and it’s not for less. It is a hands-free kneader with which you can prepare the richest desserts in a matter of minutes.

The Philips HR1565 / 40 electric mixer has a power of 350 watts, so it is capable of making heavy mixes for breads. It is made of ABS, a hard plastic that is very resistant to impacts, so it is one of the most durable blenders.

It is very practical in several aspects: first of all it is easy to use, it has three speeds and a special Turbo button, which momentarily increases speed when necessary. In addition, it does not occupy much space in the cupboard, as it has dimensions of 33 x 24.2 x 21 cm and a weight of 2.3 kg, meaning you can move from one place to another without inconveniences.

The Philips HR1565 / 40 includes blender rod, kneading hooks, spatula and the rotating container with capacity for 3 liters.

Manufacturers always give us the confidence to choose their products, due to the trajectory they have in the market. Based on suggestions, we agree that the best brand of stand mixers is this, and you should browse the characteristics of this product to understand why.

Duronic Electric Blender BL1200

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 7:34 pm

  • Power: It has 1000 W of power, enough to make porridge almost any food that is placed in your tank, and even to crush ice with comfort.
  • Design: It has an elegant stainless steel design with plastic details and a glass glass to offer both visual distinction and durability by its use. The buttons are large and easy to use and have LED lighting.
  • Functions: Incorporates three preset functions to efficiently perform tasks such as joining, liquefying and mixing. Needless to say, the speed can be adjusted with its respective control at the base.
  • Maintenance: The stainless blade can be separated from the glass vessel for deeper and more efficient cleaning. Being glass the glass, practically nothing will stay stuck in it, and its cleaning will be simpler.
  • Dimensions: It has a size suitable for any kitchen, since it is not very voluminous: 43 x 28 x 22 cm and weighs almost 5 kg.

Duronic BL1200When we ask ourselves which is the best stand mixers under £100 on the market today, one of the models that stands out among the others is the Duronic BL1200, a very versatile device with which you can chop, shred, beat and liquefy all types of food.

This electric mixer allows you to make green juices that are fashionable by mixing fruits and vegetables, no matter if it is soft or hard foods, and even hail using ice in the mix.

One of the features that is obvious is the design. It has a very attractive and modern look: the combination of the 1.8-liter glass vessel with its stainless steel base structure and LED lighting give it an elegant touch. It is also very simple to use, has a knob to control the speed and three special buttons for automatic cleaning, making shakes and cutting ice.

If you are looking for a good multi-functional mixer and at a fair price, the Duronic BL1200 may be your best choice.

For our most demanding customers, we consider that the best electric mixer of the moment could be this model, and should consult the characteristics of the same, below, to understand why it has been cataloged that way.

Ufesa bv4631 – Blender Mixer and Kneader, 300 W, 5 Levels of Speed + Turbo

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 7:34 pm

  • Power: It offers 300 W, which are sufficient for the realization of a wide variety of pastry doughs and recipes, in addition to having 5 speeds to regulate the power.
  • Turbo Function: This is a feature that you will use when you need a little more power to knead or beat what you need.
  • Rotary Bowl: This is an innovation that will make it easier to beat and knead because, by simply turning the bowl, you can move the mixer through areas where it does not reach a fixed position.
  • Dimensions: It is a fairly compact model, so its storage and transport is easy and comfortable: 36.5 x 8.7 x 36 cm and 2.50 kg in weight.
  • Power: Some buyers say that the power of this mixer is not well regulated, since the 1st speed is too powerful and end up sprinkling everything.

Ufesa WhipIn the fourth place we have put this model of electric mixer that serves to mix and even to knead. Like the previous model, this offers 5 levels and its special turbo function, with the difference that it includes a base with rotating bowl, which decreases the efforts on the part of the user.

Ufesa Whip BV4631 has 2 mixer rods and 2 kneading rods. It is specially designed for baking, turning the egg white into snowy point in a few minutes. Thanks to its 300 W of power, you can prepare your favorite desserts and even try a new recipe.

It is very practical because it has an easy-access button through which the rods are disassembled when you need to wash them. Its capacity in weight for the mixes with flour is of 500 grams, nevertheless, it is not very big, it measures 365 x 87 x 360 mm reason why you will be able to store it in any corner of the kitchen.

When you are looking for the best cost – benefit ratio, we advise you to check the advantages and disadvantages of this machine, considered the best stand mixer under £100 in the market.

Zyon Stand Mixer 1000W EU (Red)

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 7:34 pm
  • Power: Offers 1000 W which are ideal for almost any type of pastry dough. In addition, it has 6 adjustable speeds, to make an efficient use of the power and according to the characteristics of what you are preparing.
  • Safety Cap: Bring this item to avoid possible disasters when using the appliance, by sealing the bowl where the mixture is beaten.
  • Bowl capacity: It is 5.2 liters, one of the largest on the market, as well as, ideal for anyone who wants to make great preparations at home in comfort.
  • Maintenance: The bowl is made of stainless steel, so it can be washed in its entirety without affecting its integrity. Also, it can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Noisy: Several users comment that the device is quite noisy, so you will have to get accustomed to this peculiarity if you acquire it.

Zyon Z9800We finish this list with one of the best stand mixer this year. If you love to prepare homemade bread, this may be your best option, because although it is not the cheapest, it is one of the most powerful.

The Zyon Z9800 has a motor of no less than 1000 W adjustable in 6 speeds, which will allow you to make all kinds of desserts and breads. It is a semi-professional product that works with rotating movement while rotating so that no element is left unmixed. This way you do not have to do anything but add ingredients to the bowl.

One of the advantages of this model is that your kitchen never gets dirty thanks to a practical protective cover that prevents the usual splashes. The Zyon Z9800 allows nothing to spill and no ingredient is wasted.

This electric mixer measures 39cm x 35cm x 19cm and weighs 7 kilograms. That is to say that it is not a compact model, but the good thing is that you can do a lot of mixing at the same time, thanks to its stainless steel bowl with capacity for 5.2 liters.

If after reviewing our list you are still wondering which electric mixer to buy, then, we invite you to browse the characteristics of this model that promises enough.

Buying Guide


The electric mixers have several designs depending on the layout and format of the masses. In the market we can find traditional mixers with arm also called hand, which are the most usual both for its comfort and its economic price. These mixers serve all kinds of preparations depending on the available power, being of general use for cooking and promptly for baking. We also find pastry mixers with arm and container, which are especially useful for kneading, assembling cream and other similar jobs.

Between these two elements we find the beater of rods, which is manual but has rods instead of with blades, being especially practical in works of confectionery and for all type of mixtures. The choice of model must depend on the type of dishes and preparations that you intend to do with it, the hand mixer being the most versatile of them all.

The power

The key to a good mixer lies in its potency. This power is what determines the ability to work with it both at the time of the type of preparations you can perform and the quantity and type of products you can beat with them. The power varies depending on the design or model of each mixer.

In the case of hand mixers we can find powers from 100 watts to about 300 approximately. In the case of the beater mixers, the potencies are similar, while those with containers, the baking models, these potencies can be larger starting at about 600 watts. The more power the mixer has the better, allowing you to work in a simpler way saving you time, while you can work with harder food for mixing.


As a final element of any comparison of electric mixers it is advisable to evaluate the accessories included in the product. Since the mixer is a generic engine, each model can have a variety of accessories that make it easy to work in the kitchen. Among them we find the chopper, which consists of a bowl and a blade in which to chop herbs, nuts and other products. We can also find a mixing rod, with which to create cream and other similar products as well as to make mixtures and shakes.

In the case of models for baking the rods can be interchanged to make different mixes and kneading, among others. These include sticks for cream or egg whites, or kneaded in general. All these accessories are usually included in the product, it is advisable to check that they come with the machine, considering them as part of how much a complete and level equipment costs.

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