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5 Best Racquetball Racquets

If you are playing any game, make sure you have good equipment’s which are most needed for any game. It’s very important to have best equipment, as those equipment’s only will improve your performance, and you can better show of your skills on ground. And that not for any specific game, you can pick your favorite game and check how important equipment is, and only experienced player or professional players know importance of it.

And that not limited to any particular game, you can pick any sport/game like importance of Gloves in Football GameBats in softball game etc. Same applies to Racquetball game; in which racquet hold much importance. Below we have listed some of the top and high rating Racquetball racquet, do check out.

Top 5 Best Racquetball Racquets

Many of you are aware about Racquetball game, its kind of tennis game but played indoor. A special room is created for Racquetball game, under these four walls, 2 players can play tennis game, hit the ball with a racquet. Unlike tennis court, Racquetball game does not need big tennis court, you can play in simple room, hit the ball to wall with specially designed Racquet for Racquetball. The same room can be used for practice, for playing friendly match or for tournament as well. And one can play alone this game, its big advantage of Racquetball game.

How to choose Good Racquet for Racquetball?

A Racquet of Racquetball needs proper handle; you cannot use tennis Racquet as they are different in size, weight and swing. Due to short length court, Racquet’s of Racquetball are having short handle (unlike tennis), and one can easily differentiate them by their weight. Apart from that, there other few points as well, below we have mentioned buying guide for Best Racquetball Racquet, do check out.

Weight: – As mentioned above, one can easily distinguish between Racquetball racquets by their weight. Mostly Racquetball racquet comes between weights of 160 Grams to 250 Grams. If you are beginner of Racquetball game, you better start with heavy Racquet first. But types of racquet weight fall in Light weight (150-165 grams), medium (170-185 grams) and heavy weight (above 185 grams).

Length: – Decide the size carefully. As if the racquet is too small or have bigger handle, you might not hold up for long. Newbie can go with large head racquet and experienced player can go with same size which they were playing.

Material: – You must check the material of which the racquet is made of. It’s also important for durability of your racquet. Mostly racquets of racquetball are made of graphite (and the reason it is costly) but graphite is grantee for long durability as well.

Price: – Racquetball racquets are available at price of $99 to $1000. But a good average Racquet can be available at $100-200. We have reviewed below some of the top rating racquets which can help you to improve your game performance and to do practice well. Also, do understand the racquets dimension before you buy. On the starting of the post, we have posted image of balanced racquet which you should consider.

Best Racquetball Racquets in UK

Below we have selected some of the top rating, popular, light weight, great swing and good length Racquetball Racquets. Do check out them with their pros/cons and start playing Racquetball.

Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet

£21.70 £29.94
12 new from £19.99
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 8:56 pm

  • Long Durable
  • Easy swing, light weight
  • Large sweet spot, multiple grip options
  • Available in two different size option
  • Great length, size, weight.
  • Bit Expensive

Wilson Striker is a very high quality and high standard Racquetball Racquet from Wilson, which has good swing and available in different weight option as well. It has better grip, better balance, better control, gives you proper experience of Racquetball game with its large sweat spots.

It has 165 gram of weight and available in two different size option, SS and SSR. If you are serious about your game and want to improve your Racquetball performance, this is good racquet for you. you can play powerful shots with this 22 inch long racquet easily. It helps you to hit the ball without straining your arm.

Wilson Striker has quite long durable as it is made of graphite material. The solid grip and multiple grip size offers you amazing grip over Racquet. Just that its bit expensive, some may find it out of budget. But if you really want to show your skills, do try this Racquet.

Head Liquid Metal 170/180/190 Racquetball Racquet Series

2 new from £102.67
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 8:56 pm

  • Great grip option with big sweat spots
  • Big head size
  • Available in different size option
  • 22 inch of length is good enough
  • No head cover
  • Racquet is long durable, not the grip. After few games, you need to change it.

Head Liquid Metal is another good manufacturer of Racquetball Racquets. It provides more size, length options and at lower price. 3 5/8” grip of head liquid metal Racquet has different size, bigger head, and better factory grip to give you maximum performance.

This Racquet is available in 170 gram, 180 Gram and 190 Gram options. It also provides good grip, in fact multiple grip option, so you can easily swing it and make powerful shots. The head size of the Racquet is around 106 sq in, gives you bigger room to connect with ball every time. So, its light weight + long durable racquet at low price option.

Long durable because it is made of titanium and graphite, so its solid and long durable Racquet from Head liquid metal. Though, the manufacture does not give Racquet cover, which is bad point. You need to buy one extra. It comes with head hydrosorb factory grip, and if that also not enough, you better get a good Racquetball Glove.

Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 8:56 pm

  • Affordable and long durable
  • Better swing, good length, and big head size
  • High rated by users
  • Not good quality grip
  • Light for experienced players

If you need low priced Racquet with good size and length, here is Head i.165 Racquet which comes under $100 price, has bigger head, light weight and made of good material. Head i.165 is as the name suggest, has 165 gram of weight only.

It comes with 103 Sq in size head, which can be good enough to hit the ball with more power and less effort. And to support the power, Head i.165 has comfortTac grip on the Racquet.  The special design of this Racquet can reduce your bending for powerful response.

It has 22 inch of length, if you are joining fresh for this Racquetball game, this can be good Racquet for you. And in fact, the intermediate players can also have good time with this Racquet. It is made of titanium and graphite material, which makes it long durable. Though, some experienced player may find its head little light weight to shoot powerful shots.

HEAD MX Racquetball Racket Series (Various Options)

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 8:56 pm

  • Customizable size, balance option
  • Good head size
  • Light weight, easy to shoot the ball
  • More swing
  • More grip
  • Too costly

You must have heard about the HEAD MX more, if yes, well this is latest version of more attack, HEAD MX has some more good feature. It has customizable frame, ultra light for full swing, available in many size option as well.

Though, the look, shape, size is almost same as more attack. But unlike all other racquet, HEAD MX allows you to have customizable frame. As it uses extra energy bridge which allow you to change balance and weight of the Racquet. The head size of the Racquet is 106 sq in while it is available in 175-168 gram of weight.

It has air+ comfort handle, you get better grip is guaranteed and easy to hit power scoop. The power level is 3800-3700, which uses HEAD MX technology for increase power without much effort. There is silver inserted from ektelon, which is inserted at 12,3 and 9 clock on the frame. But this great Racquet comes with great price as well, do check out.

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

2 new from £105.37
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 8:56 pm

  • Low price tag
  • Heavy weight racquet, good for new player
  • 54cm of string hole gives perfect power shots
  • Little small head
  • Not good grip

If you want a good racquet with more power, good design look/feel and accurate result with low price, try E-Force chaos racquet. It is one of the lowest priced racquet in our list with some great features. You will surely feel something when you release the ball from your racquet (even if you are beginner).

This racquet comes with 205 weight, as mentioned above, its perfect for the new joining. You get 22 inch length of racquet with 8 centre extended space on the frame to hit the ball more perfectly. It has 10.5” of strings, which bypasses the stringing system to main strings with skipping every two hole.

The racquet has 2.54cm of monster string holes which allows you to have more power and deflection. As mentioned, its lower priced racquet with high features. Though, we do not recommended this one for professional or tournament use, but its good for the new player with low price.


Racquetball is good game which you should play regularly, if not as professional game, you can also play it to stay fit. Racquetball allows you to full body exercise in few mins. But again, even if you play to show off your skill or for anything, you should better get a good Racquet as it is the main thing you needed in Racquetball game. Without good Racquet, you cannot give better performance despite giving your 100%. Ektelon ’12 EXO3 RG is good racquet which is having all features, size, weight, length and price. For better swing and easy powerful shot without bending, you can play better game with this Racquet.

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