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Best Pressure Washers under £100

This is a buying guide, based on real time experience. A must read for everyone who wants to make a rational decision on buying an best pressure washer under £100. This is everything you need to know to get fully equipped to bring your ideal machine home.

5 Best Pressure Washers under £100

What is Electric Pressure Washer?

Electric Pressure washers are simply machines you can use to quickly and efficiently clean different kinds of surfaces, for example furniture, driveways, concretes, lawn equipment. Most of the machines are built with a motor, hose, wheels, pump and a jet. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from heavy duty commercial electric pressure washers to simple home or office cleaning washer. The machines also come with different functionalities and power.

How Electric Pressure Washer Works?

The electric pressure washers clean even the most stubborn surfaces, grimes and oils. So, how does it do this? Water makes things very clean, and the scientific explanation is very clear: it has electrical polarity in its molecules, meaning that one end is negatively charged while the other is positively charged, meaning that the molecules attach themselves to things they come in touch to. Detergents make water do this even better, breaking grease and grunge and the water flushes it away with ease.

However, some dirt never goes away with ease, the pressure washer comes in handy to clean even the most stubborn stains on the surfaces. The machine uses a high pressure jet of cold or hot water to blast the dirt away. The water hits the dirt with high kinetic energy since it is moving at high speed, knocking the grim, dust and dirt away. It does not damage the surfaces, since it is only water.

The main part of pressure washers are:

  • Water inlet, a hose making a connection between main water supply and the pressure washer.
  • Electric motor for supplying the power.
  • Water pump, this is driven by the inbuilt motor to suck water, it is the heart of the machine.
  • High pressure hose, the tube that runs to the cleaning attachment.
  • Cleaning attachment, has the spinning wand, trigger gun or rotating brush for the actual cleaning.

How to use a power washer?

Depending on the Type of Surface Being Cleaned, you can follow the procedures as provided in the cleaning manual. But you need to remember the following:

  1. Always use the right spray setting of the correct nozzle for every job. You must be very careful on the pressure setting and the nozzle to avoid damaging the surface, especially wood materials.
  2. Only use the right chemicals, especially those recommended by the manufacturers. Most manufacturers will always recommend waxes and detergents to be used with their equipment’s.
  3. When cleaning a house, work from the ground levels, it’s not ideal climbing a ladder. User the accessories, for example brushes, extensions and spray-arm.

There are two types of pressure washers, electric and gas pressure washer. The following part will help you decide on the one you need, based on facts.

The Benefits of Electric Pressure Washer over Gas Pressure Washer

The main difference between electric and gas pressure washers are that electric uses electricity while gas uses gasoline as the source of power. It is true that many people prefer gas because it said it has a lot of power, but this is very far from the truth. Electric pressure washers give value back for money, and fill a gap, a need of the consumers. Read further to learn why you really need an electric pressure washer over gas washer.

First, gas is very expensive, and this is not a brainer. This alone should keep people turning their heads this other side. The gas is very expensive to maintain, making this machine not ideal for daily use. For those who have used both machines, you will confirm that the gas machines do not stop automatically. This brings us to the technology aspect of the two machines; electric pressure washers have more functionality and are advanced in all aspects. When you are using the gas washer, then you take a break, you are going to waste a lot of gas, the electric pressure washers shuts off automatically when it senses idleness.

The gas machines will require that you watch over the oil regularly, mix the fuel and several other maintenance requirements. If you hate the pull and start thing in the gas washers, the electric pressure washer will be your thing. The gas requires that you stop it while you rest or shut it down manually then pull again to run. The electric pressure washers are also lighter in weight and can be easily handheld and used by the women and weaker people for light jobs. You also have the choice to regulate the pressure under use to stop damaging the paint in your car and other valuable surfaces by using electric washers.

Understanding Basic Electric Pressure Washer Terms

  1. HP (Horse Power): This is the measure of the power the electric pressure washer engine can generate. It is this rating that will determine the volume and pressure your machine can generate.
  2. PSI (Pounds per Square Inch): This is the amount of pressure generated between the spray tip and the pump.
  3. GPM (Gallons Per Minute): This is the volume of water that the machine thrusts for cleaning.
  4. CPU (Cleaning Power Units): Most users ignore CPU, yet it is one of the most important functions we should understand to help us choose a more ideal machine for our functions. The CPU is the product of GPM and PSI. The higher the CPU, the higher the power it generates.
  5. The Wand: The wand is the removable tip that helps in adjusting the kind of spray you want, it can be a narrow spray, wider spray that covers more areas.
  6. Dirt Blaster: a simple nozzle that travels to the end of the wand. It gives a narrow spray that spins in a rapid, circular motion to generate a fan like pattern.

Questions to Answer Before you buy Best Pressure Washer under £100

Before you get started, here are the questions you must ask yourself and answer. The answer to these questions will help you narrow down on the very equipment you need for your cleaning.

Where do you intend to Use the Electric Pressure Washer?

This question will give you a clue on the kind of power you need for cleaning. If you need heavy duty and jobs like cleaning very long driveways, you will need a commercial or a more powerful PSI, maybe 2,000 and above. Simple cleaning can be done with a PSI of 1,500 to 2000.

How Many Spray Tips do you need?

If you intend to do both heavy and light tasks, then a tip with numerous sprays will be more ideal. If you are only going to do a regular or routine job, then an electric pressure washer with a single adjustable spray nozzle will be ideal.

How important is durability?

Different machines are made from different kinds of materials. Wobble pump or an axial cam is known to only last a short term. Models that are built from stainless-sell, or ceramic plungers last forever and are usually found in the triplex pumps. Induction motors are more durable, they are cooler, more quiet and last longer.

Which Specific Features Do You Want in your Washer?

Functionality is another very important factor you must consider. Electric pressure washers are made with different kinds of features, meant to do certain cleaning functions. Do you need a pump, detergent dispenser, or an on-board storage pocket? Also ensure your kind of washer has a long hose reel, compactness etc., depending on your personal needs.

How important is the weight and size of the washer?

You must consider factors like storage, whether you will be carrying it around, or you need some wheels. There is something for everyone when it comes to size and weight.

Are Safety Features Important?

You need to consider the following safety features in your machine: Float tank, auto shut off switch, trigger gun, safety valve, and ground fault interrupter.

Other important factors you need to consider before buying the electric pressure washers include how easy it I to set-up the machines, the maneuverability, the maintenance levels required for the machine, warranty coverage, and a suitable power level.

With this information, you can now make an informed decision to buy your electric pressure washer under £100. Ensure you only buy from reputable retailers to get them at the right prices, get genuine brands and the manufacturer warranty and guarantees.

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