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Best Portable Pressure Washers

Looking for the portable pressure washer? Below I have compiled a list of 5 best portable pressure washers.

5 Best Portable Pressure Washers

£66.95 £89.99 4 used from £50.21 17 new from £66.95
Bosch EasyAquatak 110 High Pressure Washer
£69.00 20 used from £47.87 18 new from £69.00
Kärcher K 2 Compact Pressure Washer
£104.95 £113.95 7 used from £78.71 22 new from £104.95
Bosch UniversalAquatak 125 High Pressure Washer

Now you’ve seen the picks but how about the best portable pressure washer reviews? In the following section we will be reviewing 4 of the market’s best rated models from each category that has outstanding performance. How do we grade them? We will be following these 4 criteria’s below to give you the best choices that guarantee both quality and functionality.

  • Performance
  • Built Quality
  • Price Value
  • Ratings

Sun Joe SPX3000 – Electric Pressure Washer

Last update was on: October 23, 2021 6:41 pm

I have always recommended this model to all my friends and families and now I will recommend it to you! It has never failed me for 3 years now. In terms of build quality, functionality and practicality, it has very good standards. The motor and pump is able to generate up to 2000 PSI and 1.76GPM, meaning that it can release a powerful blast of water to eradicate any bit of dirt in your sight. It has many features such as adjustable nozzle tips and dual detergent tanks and besides the unique aspects, it is lightweight, easy to use and portable. The cords and hose are extremely long, one of the longest in its range and all of it is packed at a decent price. To top it all, model also comes with a two year warranty. Definitely the best pressure washer under £100 in the electric range.

AR Blue Clean AR383 – Portable Electric Pressure Washer

Last update was on: October 23, 2021 6:41 pm

This pressure washer easily beats out competitors for its price range. The purchase will include a basic accessory kit that contains everything you need to clean your patio, backyards and any kind of surface effectively. It comes with an adjustable spray wand with 2 tips that allows you to either switch it for the power or for the area. It features a 3 axial piston pump that is built to last and deliver powerful performance. It has 1900 PSI and 1.5GPM, a substantial amount of power that is able to handle all daily cleaning tasks with ease. It is extremely affordable and has pretty good build quality. Highly recommended for every home owner that seeks to own a powerful yet affordable unit.

Generac 6596 – Gas Pressure Washer

Last update was on: October 23, 2021 6:41 pm

Well if you are looking for an extra powerful form of pressurized water, look no further as the Generac 6596 will not disappoint you. Generac has been manufacturing high quality engines that are recognized all around the world. The axial cam pump and its extremely powerful 196cc Generac OHV engine will generate up to 2800 PSI and a whopping 2.5 GPM to easily and effortless clear any dirt, oil or grime that is standing in your way. It comes with 4 nozzles to help you with a wide variety of cleaning tasks. It is a very durable unit and is conveniently designed, with easy application features that allow you to connect the pressure hose without having to bend or kneel down. It comes with a 2 year warranty. An affordable gas machine that is designed for residential purposes.

Simpson MSH3125-S – Gas Pressure Washer

Last update was on: October 23, 2021 6:41 pm

The Simpson MSH3125-S is the ultimate home cleaning machine. It delivers supreme performance comparable to the ones that are used in industrial estate but with minimum investment. It can tackle all sorts of cleaning tasks, and blast and scrape away the toughest stains imaginable. It comes equipped with a 187cc HONDA OHC Engine, yea you got that right, the vehicle brand, Honda. With its axial cam pumps, it provides up to 3100 PSI and 2.5 GPM that can make even the dirtiest deck or surface squeaky clean at the press of its trigger. It is extremely durable provides you with an efficient cleaning solution. It comes with all the basic cleaning accessories. If you are having a hard time washing off stains using your current machine and need a much powerful one, this is the go to. Even though a little on the expensive side, it is highly worth it for the performance it produces.

Buying Guide – What To Look Out For

Application and Usage

This is the first step you have to consider if you are planning to get a portable pressure washer. The frequency of use and what is it going to be used for is crucial to finding the most suitable machine for you. So what will you be cleaning? Your decks, house sidings, cars, garage, backyard and house are all important considerations that you have to take before purchasing a cleaning unit. For example, if you are planning to wash your car, furnitures and driveways, you might want to consider getting an portable electric pressure washer because a strongly powered unit will be able to scrape off the paint off your cars. Most of the time, you will only need a single unit to do all the work for you. If this is so, you may want to select a spraying wand that allows you to adjust and change the nozzle. This allows you to alter the water pressure and the angle of spray, allowing you to use it for a wide variety of cleaning tasks.

Electric or Gas Powered

Electric Pressure Washer is much more affordable because they are generally lightweight and smaller in size. They can be used indoors as they have no emissions and they operate silently. They are powered by electric motors and the power is calculated by Amperes.  They are suitable for any household cleaning tasks such as washing cars, decks and driveways. An electric pressure washer is an excellent choice for the average home owner. They are extremely efficient and easy to maintain which makes them great for commercial use. The downsides are that their range of cleaning is bound by the length of the electric cord, however newer electric powered models have extremely long power cord to eliminate this problem.

Gas Pressure washer on the other hand is a powerful cleaning solution that is used to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs. They offer a lot of power and are used by various industrial sectors. Even though suitable for home use, the sheer power of their pump may scrape paints off cars and furnitures. They are most ideal for outdoor usage due to emissions they produce which when used indoors might require a well ventilated area. They are very portable and can be brought anywhere. They are also much more durable than their electric counterparts. The downsides are that they are also heavier and they require more maintenance. They are much noisier too. However they compensate that with their powerful cleaning force.

Cleaning Power

  • PSI, standing for “Per Square Inch”. This metric is used to calculate the amount of water pressure that is exerted onto a certain surface. This is basically the amount of power the machine has to scrape off stubborn stains. For example, if you have a really stubborn stain that requires a force of 3000, using a 2000 psi unit might not be able to the job effectively.
  • GPM, which stands for “Gallons per minute”. This is the volume of water coming out from the hose. The more gallons a machine produces per minute, the faster it cleans off dirt in a bigger area as there is a larger stream of water.

To help you gauge the amount of power you need in general for household chores, we can split the PSI levels into 3 different sections. All in all, most cleaning tasks can be done with light-medium duty units. Compared to a garden hose(40 PSI), pressure washers are generally >40x more powerful!

  • Light Duty (<2000) At this level, you can use it for your daily cleaning tasks such as cleaning cars, decks, driveways and even indoor chores. It is important to note that using a higher PSI rating than 2000 may chip off your vehicle’s paintings and destroy a furniture’s exterior.
  • Medium Duty (2000 – 3000) At this level you can use it to clean basically everything that the light duty rating can, a need for this range would be to eliminate the more stubborn stains on surfaces such as persistent dirt on decks that a light duty unit cannot clean.
  • Heavy Duty (>3000) Any number above 3000 is generally the entry level for industrial use, however it is still acceptable as a commercial household grade washer. A heavy duty unit offers everything that the medium and light duty offers and can be used to fight off even the toughest stains with ease.

It is also worthy to mention that it is not always about PSI and GPM. When it comes to efficient and effective cleaning, there is a metric that is commonly used. It is called CU, which stands for “Cleaning Units”. This is the amount of total power a machine produce to clean efficiently. To calculate it, simply take PSI and multiply it by GPM. For example, a machine with a 2000 PSI and 1.6 GPM will produce a total of 3200 Cleaning units. Generally for most household applications, a CU of >3000 is sufficient.

Type of Water Supply

Hot  Water Pressure Washers are widely used in extremely heavy duty applications such as industrial sectors and agricultural farms. This is because the heat is able to sterilize and disinfect the machinery and surfaces. Heat comes from a heating coil that is installed within the machine. Since they are used to fight off stains in the harshest environments, they need extreme power and thus they are usually gas operated units.

Cold Water Pressure Washers are the mostly used machines on the market. The cold water comes from the water source that your home provides such as your backyard tap. They have excellent cleaning power for daily cleaning tasks and are the perfect machines for the average user. These are usually electrically operated units. They are generally cheaper and much more affordable.

Final Tips

  • Now I know that there are still many different models out there on the market that claim to do the job just as well and are very cheaply priced. However, it is still the best to go for reputable brands when it comes to cleaning machines. The best case scenario is that you are not injured when it malfunctions and the worst case scenario is that you are in the hospital awaiting surgery. The renowned brands in the industry include: Karcher, Generac, AR Blue, Sun Joe, Simpson, Briggs & Stratton and they all provide warranty and parts coverage that will your machine working for years to come.
  • Like all machinery, taking safety precautions and carrying them out is very important. These pressurized jets of water can easily injure or tear your skin easily. Always go for models that have built in safety mechanisms that can help protect you and even kids that try to play with them. They include Total Stop Systems and child safety locks. These are prevalent in the electric models as they are more commonly purchased and used in households.


Portable Pressure washers are powerful cleaning tools that have been used for decades to clean all sorts of surfaces. They are a necessity if you want to have an easier time carrying out cleaning tasks that require you to clean off stains. Whether to clean mildew off your house sidings or to clean your car, you would probably want to have an easier time, rather than using your bare hands to scrub off the stains which would take ages. In other words, a strong cleaning machine goes a long way. They can be reused for years and can save you the precious time.

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