Best Mini Sewing Machines

In this article we will try to help you in the process of buying a sewing machine. We have selected the best mini sewing machines, at the best price.

Whether you are a beginner and want to put your ideas into practice as if you are an experienced person looking for a quality sewing machine, we will detail what you should consider before deciding on a model or another.

This guide is divided into:

  • Before buying a sewing machine: what should you keep in mind?
  • Tips for you to choose the best mini sewing machine.
  • The best mini sewing machines on the market

If you already know what you are looking for and want to go directly to our selection of machines, here is our summary list. Below you will find the analysis, technical characteristics and some opinions of the selected models.

5 Best Mini Sewing Machines

Before buying a sewing machine: what should you keep in mind?

Before deciding to buy a sewing machine, we must take into account a series of factors so that our decision is successful.

What should you keep in mind?

First of all, and how in any purchase: what are we going to use it for?

You have to be very clear what kind of use we are going to give you since the most common mistakes are to buy machines with benefits that exceed our needs, or vice versa, buy a basic machine because we think that we already have enough and a year already thinking in buying a more complete one.

You just want it for small fixes? Are you an enthusiast of sewing and DIY and want something that allows you to put your ideas into practice? Are you a professional seamstress who works for orders? Depending on your use, we will recommend one product or another.

If sewing is not a hobby and all we want is a sewing machine to make small domestic arrangements (fix jeans, costumes for children, etc) we do not need much, with a simple sewing machine of a good brand we have enough .

If we are starting, a sewing machine for beginners with a few stitches and buttonholes will be enough, but if we take the sewing as a hobby, we will see that soon we want to practice different stitches, try new finishes and put into practice the ideas that come to us to the head.

For those people who want to enter the wonderful world of DIY and sewing, we recommend the middle term: do not buy the simplest machine because it will be too short or the most expensive and professional because you still can not get all the profit that it deserves.

Tips for you to choose the best mini sewing machine

Ok, we have already decided what type of sewing machine to buy. However:

What technical characteristics should the machine have?

First of all, the brand.

A sewing machine is usually a more robust tool than the typical household appliance. They are designed to last for years, so we recommend buying a sewing machine from a recognized brand. In addition to the quality of the product, the guarantee and the technical assistance service are key points.

The brands that dominate the market today are: Singer, ALFA (the two classic brands), Brother and Toyota (the Japanese manufacturers).

As you will see below, these brands dominate our selection.

Although there are cheap sewing machines for less than £ 40, we have not wanted to include them in our list. It is not that we have any agreement with any particular brand, but that we have based on the opinions of the consumers: neither the quality of the product (bad plastic, components that break, etc) nor the technical assistance in front of problems are sufficiently good to be included in our list of the best sewing machines.

More things to keep in mind:

  • Structure: metallic interior structure. It is very important that the components are made of metal, since they will last us much longer.
    Power: the ideal is a machine that can sew any type of fabric: leatherette, jeans, leather, etc. Of course, a mini sewing machine sometimes does not have enough power to deal with all the fabrics. Quiet, all the machines that we have selected you with everything
  • Weight: Normally weight = robustness, but in cases where we have to move our machine from one side to another, better choose the lighter model.
  • Presser foot: automatic change? Very useful to save time from one presser foot to another.
  • Stitches: level and variety of stitch type. Little to add, the more stitches the better. It is true that in the vast majority of occasions we only use a few, but that we go … it is better to have more to try new things
  • Regular stitch: one of the aspects that sometimes are forgotten and is very important: it is much better if our sewing machine allows to regulate the width and length of the stitch.
  • Electronic sewing machine: the best models of sewing machines already incorporate electronics (selection by means of stitch buttons, for example). They are quite worried about the product, but obviously they are amazing.
  • Canillado: preferably, horizontal tap

We continue with more things to keep in mind …

Sewing machines – Price

The price range ranges from £80 (the cheapest option we present) to the 400-odd peak of the best Singer.

Obviously it is a big difference, but the vast majority of models are between £ 90 and £ 200.

We always talk about online prices, in physical stores we shoot much more (differences of up to £ 100 on the same sewing machine between Amazon and Corte Inglés, for example …).

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