Best Laser Level Tripods

For surveying construction sites or grounds, a cross-line laser is an accurate and practical alternative to conventional methods such as spirit levels or folding rules.

To make the cross line laser even more versatile, it can be extended with a tripod. This increases the working height of the horizontal laser line, so it can also be used for measuring pictures or similar high objects.

But which tripod height is the most practical? And can a conventional camera tripod be used for the cross-line laser? These and many other questions about the laser level with tripod are answered in this text.

Top 5 Best Laser Level Tripods

Look for these things in a laser level with tripod

The cross line laser projects two continuous laser beams onto the floor, wall and ceiling. You need a tripod for perfect alignment. When setting up, the tripod for a cross line laser is particularly easy to align with a spirit level, as many levelling functions can only compensate for differences of 5 degrees.

Without the levelling function of a cross line laser, you must laboriously align the tripod with several attempts before the direction fits. Therefore, it is important that the tripod can be adjusted very finely.

The height of the tripod always depends on the height of the horizontal laser line. If this horizontal laser line is to appear at a height of 2 metres, you need a tripod that is 2 metres high.

If the tripod has a mounting plate with a 90-degree tilt angle, you can also measure ceilings with a cross-line laser. Look for an infinitely adjustable holder plate to measure any kind of slope accurately.

A short excursion about cross line lasers can be found here: They come in 2 different laser colours: Green and Red. Green lasers are more visible, while red laser lines are more comfortable for the eyes. Other important features are the number of axes and the number of degrees. The number of axes indicates how many laser lines the device projects. The number of degrees shows how far the laser line extends around the device.

Overview: What you should look for in a cross-line laser stand

  • Holder plate can be positioned at a 90-degree angle
  • The tripod should have a stable stand
  • There should be a 1/4 inch thread
  • The holder plate is infinitely adjustable
  • A minimum height of 1.5 metres
  • A spirit level is built into the tripod

3 Best Laser Level Tripods

Does a camera tripod and a laser level go together?

Camera tripods are also capable of holding a cross-line laser, so you don't need to buy a new one.
Camera tripods are also capable of holding a cross-line laser, so you don’t need to buy a new one.

Special construction and measurement technology is usually very price-intensive, as it is mostly aimed at business customers in particular. Therefore, the question of cost-effective replacement solutions often arises.

In the case of cross-line lasers with tripods, the idea of covering the tripod with a commercially available camera tripod seems obvious. The use of a camera tripod is fundamentally possible and, if used properly, does not impair the work result.

When choosing a tripod, however, it is important to ensure that it is stable so that the measuring device stands securely and delivers reliable results.

In addition, the thread of the stand must be compatible with the thread of the laser. Be careful here, because commercially available tripods have either a ¼ inch or a 3/8 inch thread. The former, however, is much more common and is also compatible with almost all cross-line laser devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of a tripod for laser levels

Adding a tripod to a cross-line laser considerably increases its range of applications.

The main advantages of a tripod are its quick and uncomplicated assembly and its adaptability to different work requirements.

In addition, the tripod makes it possible to measure higher points and slopes with the cross-line laser.

However, even with the tripod, only a limited working height can be achieved. Another disadvantage is that even very stable tripods can slip if accidentally touched and the measurement results are subsequently falsified.

Examples of use for a laser level with tripod

Cross line lasers with tripod can be used in many ways for measuring work. These are some examples of use:

  • Measuring and laying wall and floor tiles quickly and accurately.
  • attaching and aligning pictures, hanging furniture and wall decorations in a short time with millimetre precision
  • Pre-draw lines and shapes perfectly for painting work
  • Gluing artificial stone walls, wall tattoos and wallpapers to fit exactly
  • Checking compliance with building plans

What distinguishes particularly high-quality laser level stands?


You can recognise high-quality tripods by the following points:

  • The stability, the heavier the better but worse for transport.
  • Maximum height, the higher the better
  • Stepless tilt option
  • Bubble level for correct alignment

A high-quality tripod for a cross-line laser can be easily recognised by just a few features. The price is not necessarily a reliable indicator.

Tripods for Laser Level

Bosch Professional Line Laser GLL 3-80 G + Bosch Professional Tripod BT 150

as of December 6, 2023 3:00 pm


  • Up to 4X better visibility With green laser technology the GLL 3-80 G line level delivers up to 4x better visibility than devices with red laser lines
  • Simultaneous horizontal and vertical levelling complete parallel work on floors ceilings and walls with the 1 horizontal and 2 vertical lines
  • Highly versatile the line laser was developed for a variety of applications such as the installation of drywall suspended ceilings windows and shelves the laying of drainage pipes and tiling
  • Robust aluminum design
  • For work heights from 55 to 157 cm

Bosch Professional GRL 400H + LR1 Compact All-in- one Laser Set

5 new from £789.87
as of December 6, 2023 3:00 pm


  • IDEAL FOR THE JOBSITE: Withstands harsh conditions of any outdoor jobsite thanks to the IP56 water and dust protection
  • EASY TO USE: One-button keypad, Electronic Self Levelling functionality and convenient battery tray
  • PRECISE RESULTS: Consistently accurate results with ± 2,4 mm at 30 m levelling accuracy and an ADS shock warning system
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal for outdoor levelling, applications in building construction, civil engineering and landscaping
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: Rotation Laser Level GRL 400 H, laser receiver LR1, levelling rod GR 2400, tripod BT 152, 1x 9V battery, 2x 1.5V LR20 battery, charger, carrying case which fits all the accessories

Bosch cross line laser UniversalLevel 360 Set (horizontal 360° laser line + vertical laser line, green laser, 4x AA batteries, with tripod, in box)

4 new from £146.95
Free shipping
as of December 6, 2023 3:00 pm


  • Easy Alignment: Thanks to the 360° horizontal line and 120° vertical line, users can set up the device once to precisely align objects around an entire room
  • Up To 4X Better Visibility: With green laser technology, the line level delivers up to 4x better visibility than laser levels with red laser lines
  • Self-levelling: The laser level can self-level up to ± 4° or be put into slope mode to create diagonal lines
  • Precise Results: For highly accurate levelling, the line level delivers precise results within ± 0.4 mm/m
  • Intuitive Interface: A sliding on/off switch and two-button keypad enable one-handed control of the green laser level. Toggle through 3 different laser configurations using the Mode button

Bosch Professional Laser Level GLL 2-15 G & 0601096B00 Tripod for Lasers and Levels BT 150 (Height: 55 - 157 cm, Thread: 1/4"), Blue, 10.8 cm*58.8 cm*11.6 cm

as of December 6, 2023 3:00 pm


  • Product 1: HIGHLY ROBUST: The laser level is jobsite-ready, with IP64 dust and splash water protection and robust housing, the device is very durable and suitable for rough conditions
  • Product 1: EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE: The line laser has a simplified interface which is easy to use, including an on/off switch and a single-button keypad to toggle through laser configurations
  • Product 1: ENHANCED VISIBILITY: The GLL 2-15 G line level offers high visibility thanks to green laser technology
  • Product 1: ACCURATE RESULTS AND SELF-LEVELLING: The laser level delivers precise results within ± 0.3 mm/m* for highly accurate levelling. The GLL 2-15 G can self-level up to +/- 4 degrees and laser lines will stop shaking in under 4 seconds
  • Product 2: HIGH STABILITY: Absolutely secure stance on any floor thanks to its robust aluminium design

Bosch Professional GLL 3-80 Line laser + Bosch Professional BT 150 Tripod

as of December 6, 2023 3:00 pm


  • Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical Levelling: Complete parallel work on floors, ceilings, and walls with the 1 horizontal and 2 vertical lines
  • High Visibility: Thanks to high-powered laser diodes, the laser lines are clearly visible, even at long distances
  • Self-Levelling: To reduce the need for manual adjustments, the line level can self-level on non-level surfaces up to +/- 4 degree
  • Robust aluminum design
  • For work heights from 55 to 157 cm

Further mounting accessories

In addition to a tripod, there are other ways of supplementing a cross-line laser and attaching it to the construction site. Each of these options has its own application possibilities and individual advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the desired area of application, a cross line laser can be upgraded to a practical all-rounder with the help of these extensions.

Telescopic rod | For extra stability

A telescopic rod is stretched between the floor and the ceiling and has a sliding platform on which the cross-line laser can be placed. Thus, the entire room height can be covered.

  • Very stable construction that hardly slips.
  • Even large working heights of the cross line laser can be covered
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Can only be used if there is a ceiling in the room

Simple wall brackets | When it needs to be quick and easy

With a simple wall mount, the laser device can be flexibly attached to the wall, the walls of the room or the floor. In most cases, a mounting plate is attached to the corresponding surface with the help of adhesive points and the cross-line laser is then attached with the help of magnets.

These types of simple wall mounts are usually included in the scope of delivery of the manufacturer. Therefore, they can of course vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In addition, they are rarely available for purchase separately. If yours should have broken, contact the manufacturer and order the mount as a replacement part.

  • Can be mounted almost anywhere
  • Bracket can be fixed very stably with screws
  • Measuring process can be replicated exactly
  • High accuracy and hardly any slippage when mounted properly
  • Cannot be adjusted once the bracket has been attached.
  • Residues of the holder on the surface after the measuring process
  • Often cannot be purchased separately

Multifunctional clamps | Can be mounted anywhere

With the help of a multi-function clamp, the cross line laser can be mounted almost anywhere, be it on a holding rail, tripod, telescopic pole or on other objects in the measuring area. Especially on construction sites with many contractors, a multi-function clamp can become a helpful all-round tool when using a cross line laser.

  • Clamp can be attached almost anywhere
  • Quick and uncomplicated alignment of the laser
  • Difficult to set up the cross-line laser exactly with the multi-function clamp
  • Slight slipping and creeping in of inaccuracies
  • Little possibility of height adjustment

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