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Best Indoor Grills

Are carving to eat Fish, chicken, kabobs, hot dogs, burger or steak and you are not allowed to have outdoor grill in your apartment or condo? No worry, now we have indoor grill which act same as outdoor grill and gives you perfect experience of barbecues.

Mostly in summer, people love to seat out, have grilled chicken in outdoor space. But for that you need outdoor grill. But in rainy session or cold/snowy session, you can’t get out, it’s almost impossible. In that case, you can go with indoor grill and have your favorite grilled chicken. Also, apart from weather and space issue, grilled chicken is quite healthy and delicious as well, we must cook it in every session.

Compare Top 5 Best Indoor Grills

Indoor grill are same as deep fryers and electric skillets, consumes less space in your kitchen and when not in use, you can pack and put in store. Also, since the indoor grill runs on electricity, you get rid of charcoal, and refilling propane tank.

There are two types of indoor grills available in market:

Open Grill: almost similar like outdoor grills, can cook and grill vegetables, meat and all other grilling dish, just that it runs on electricity.

Contact Grill: it is folded in half size, you need to cook each side of veggies or meat one by one. Contact grills are easy to use, cheap in price and require less space.

How to Choose Best indoor Grill?

There are many good models of indoor grills available on market. So, to reduce your product research work, here we are providing you guide, which will help you to but good indoor grill which last longer.

Investing indoor grill will give you grilled chicken and all other your favorite dishes in any weather condition, you can easily avoid all those problems and keep having your favorite dish in your home. In fact, our guide will help those who want to replace their old or broken indoor grill, do check out.

Cooking area : This is most important thing you need to check while buying your first indoor grill. Cooking area in indoor grill will define how much chicken, meat you can cook in one time. It is recommended to go with bigger cooking area grill, so you can cook chicken for all your friends and family in one go.

Settings/controls : Do check is your indoor grill allows you to adjust temperature, provides heat settings or not, does provide pre-defined cooking programs or not. Such settings/controls will help you to cook your favourite dish in no time.

Warranty : You must like to invest your money in product which is long durable. Also, we like to have long warranty of products, so we can easily maintain it without much money. Do check out products with minimum 1-2 years of warranty.

Price : Though, indoor grill products are not so costly, you can get best deals under $149, but do check out for any other deal as well. We have provided links to all products, where you can check their latest price and buy online as well.

Hope you keep these things in mind, might help you this to get best product you want. Do check out our reviews of high rating indoor grills below, summarized by our editor team.

Top 5 Best Indoor Grills

Apart from giving different dishes in all session, indoor grill is quite small in size and can be placed in cabinet or pantry as well (when not in use). Its easy to clean and available at very cheap price. We have shortlisted some of the high rating indoor grill based on their features, specification, size, price, user ratings and warranty. Do check out detail reviews with pros/cons;

T-fal GC702 OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill

1 new from £229.00
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:52 pm

If you are looking for high end grill with advance cooking programs, good at design and brilliant performer, you can go with T-Fal GC702. T-Fal GC702 is advance grill which has six different grilling modes, you can choose different modes to cook to different dishes. You can even reheat your food which was frozen cold.

Apart from that, it has indicator lights, east monitoring cooking processor bar, and comes with removable plates. Cleaning this grill is quite easy; you can even wash plates in dishwasher, as it is dishwasher safe. It has 1800 watts of powerful machine, which gets your food heat up quickly, in no time. And to support it, T-fal has used Die-caste aluminum & removable non-stick plates.

And the best feature of T-Fa GC702 is that it has 14 inch X 13 inch of cooking area, you can easily prepare meat/chicken for your family/friends in minutes. And to maintain it for long time, T-fal has given 1 year of limited warranty, which will protect your Optigrill from future damages and save your money.

  • Dishwasher safe, easy to use
  • Non-stick plates heat up quickly, di-caste aluminum plates are of high quality and long lasting
  • Six different cooking program gets your favorite dish in minutes
  • Easy cooking process, light indicator helps you to cook quickly
  • 1800 watt of powerful machine with 1 year of warranty
  • 14 X 13 inch of super big cooking area.
  • Expensive
  • Upper part of grill drips when you open contact grill, its problematic

Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

2 new from £247.21
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:52 pm

This 2nd best Indoor electric grill with some less features and cooking area than T-Fa GC702. This indoor grill will definitely give you outdoor experience, and above all, it consumes very little space, almost like a cooking pan. It has well enough cooking area, controls, temperature controls and good design as well.

Delonghi BG24 has 16X4 inch of cooking area, if you have small family and occasional use, you can go for this. Though, it is enough space to cook burgers, roast, and small meat/chicken as well. Delonghi has given 4 level temperature level controls on side handles. But you will miss those pre-defined cooking programs on this grill. But with this price, you are getting enough features.

It has non-stick grill plate which distributes temperature on each part, removable plate helps you to cook quickly. Delonghi has given 1 year of limited warranty on this product. This is quite light weight product, just 11 pounds, easy to carry and pack in cabinet.

  • Easy to use, light weight, easy to carry and pack.
  • Die-cast aluminum surface is of high quality, removable grill plate.
  • 4 level temperature settings, easy to clean, well designed.
  • Non-coating plates may flake off with little use.
  • Not good to serve sear meat.

George Foreman GR144 Classic Plate Grill

£36.99 £74.99
9 new from £36.99
Free shipping
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:52 pm

With little more space and advance design, George foreman GR144 is good value for money grill. You can definitely spend $50+ for your favorite food, that too for one time, right? With this grill, you can make fat free food, in any session and in minutes. Its well designed, but no controls at all.

George Foreman GR144 offers you 144sq inch of cooking area, with 2 fixed grill plates which has got double non-stick coating. With sloped design, its easy to remove/add meat/chicken out of grill but, it if has given removable plate, it would have been quite more comfort.

Their handles are stay cool for all cooking time, and drip tray also included with this machine. George foreman has used signature foreman heating element to get it heat quickly. On this grill machine, you will get 2 year’s warranty from manufacture. Its light weight product, with just 9 pound weight.

  • 2 years warranty (highest in category)
  • Easy to use, affordable, light weight
  • Big cooking area, cool handles, double coating plates
  • Non-removable plates
  • Not easy to clean
  • No controls

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

3 new from £236.79
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:52 pm

It is multi function grill, which can also work for 5 other function, and the reason it is called 5 in 1. You can use this grill as full griddle, full grill, half grill, Panini press and as contact grill. It has used brushed stainless steel housing, has Panini style of handles.

It has 3 simple controls, one for contact grill (choose temperature from 0 to 400), 2nd one for selecting full grill, grill Panini and 3rd one for temperature setting for grill Panini. Just move the knobs and you are done. It also has temperature indicators light.

You can easily remove and clean non-stick plates, which gets heat up easily and has integrated drip tray as well. It has 200 square inch of cooking area, 1500 watts of power and 3 year of warranty from manufacturer.

  • 3 year of warranty
  • 200 square inch of cooking area, 1500 watts of power
  • Removable non-stick plates
  • 5 different grilling options
  • Affordable, well designed
  • Cheap integral functions
  • Big difference between temperature of full grilled or half grilled

Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor/Searing Grill

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:52 pm

Unlike all other grill, this indoor electric grill has removable hood. Which gives you more space to cook, easily feed ingredients, and easy to clean. Hamilton Beach 25360 has removable non-stick plates, which is additional to removable hood.

It has got easy temperature control, which can be changed with moving front knob. This machine has high heat searing capability, has extra large drip tray, you can get good enough cooking room with this grill. And Hamilton provides 1 year of manufacture warranty.

Its a very light weight product, with just 8 pound of weight. You can easily carry and move it anywhere. Though, we would expecting handles to carry it but unfortunately its missing. Also, there is no pre-defined cooking programs, but in this affordable price, its quite expected.

  • Affordable price
  • Removable hood, removable plates
  • Light weight, easy to carry, easy to use
  • Easy temperature controls
  • No pre-defined cooking programs
  • Only 1 year of limited warranty


Now, you don’t need to wait for summer to go out and cook on barbecues for your delicious grill chicken. Just go from the any of the above indoor electric grill, and you can get your favorite food, anytime, any session. Also, you don’t need to do purchase any extra charcoal or propane. You can get good healthy food without much mess, with this small kitchen appliance.

For long duration and easy cooking, go with T-fal GC702D, its best choice, has maximum controls, cooking area and it is the only indoor grill which has 6 pre-cooking menu as well. Also, temperature control is accessed best on this grill. It is affordable as well as well designed appliance, do check out.

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