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Best Hard Skin Remover

The times of using a traditional file and turning to pumice for your feet have gone down in history. The latest trend in beauty and care of the feet are the electric files, which, thanks to their design, allow to remove any dead skin, so that your feet always look beautiful and soft. For this, you should always bet on quality products and high resistance as the Scholl Velvet Smooth foot file. This product is the favorite of the users for the quality of its rollers and its high power motor that guarantees a prolonged use over time, with always perfect results. Also interesting is the BOMPOW model, which closely follows the Scholl model, offering a robust construction, a light weight and a perfect turning angle to reach the most complicated corners of the feet. It also includes a free replacement roller.

What is the Best Hard Skin Remover on the market?

To have perfect feet, the best company you can look for is an best hard skin remover. These files offer professional results, but in the comfort of your home. For the best care of your feet and also of your wallet, we offer you our guide to buy the best hard skin remover and you can always look perfect, for less money than you think. Do not forget to include these tips in your comparison of hard skin removers if you want to make the most of your purchase.

The rollers

Since it is the fundamental part of the operation of the file, it is necessary to devote a little time to evaluate the roller. This roller should be abrasive enough to remove the hardness and skin debris from your feet, but without hurting you or causing injury. Therefore, the material must always be adapted for that purpose, especially depending on the type of skin you have.

If you can find a file that includes different rollers of different roughness or power, much better. It is also important that these rollers can be exchanged easily, so that you do not have to waste much time and facilitate their use, both with different types of roller, according to the foot area, as well as by several people, each having their own .

Do not forget to confirm that the file has spare rollers for when they are necessary, to avoid encountering a useless file due to lack of spare parts.


When it comes to filing your feet, it is true that the design of the electric file you have chosen is essential, as it can become an ally or an enemy to perform the task.

A well-designed design allows you to reach the most complicated corners and to maintain an adequate pressure, in a simple way. Therefore, you should opt for an hard skin remover with a good ergonomic design and that is easy to use, even leaving aside how much this product costs.

Some models, even the good and economical, have flexible heads that allow you to move easily through the foot and can even access complex areas such as heels or the area of ​​the fingers more easily. If you have the possibility of finding an hard skin remover that meets these characteristics, you will have an easier and more precise result.

5 Best Hard Skin Removers

Best hard skin remover are the latest trend in foot care. Something you can do from the ease of your home and at an interesting price. But as the search is somewhat complex we offer some models so you can choose which is the best electric file for your feet according to your preferences.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Electric Foot File Hard Skin Remover, Pink

£20.45 £24.60
10 new from £20.45
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 11:00 pm

Scholl Velvet SmoothElected as the best electric file of [year] by consumers, the Scholl Velvet Smooth file is highly valued by users for the ease of use of it, which allows to use it without fear that you can spoil your feet, as for the quality of the product, according to one of the main manufacturers in the market.

  • With this model of electric file for feet you will not have discomfort when using and manipulating it since it has a specially designed handle to maintain firmness and control.
  • Ergonomy: To begin, we must emphasize that one of the most popular comments among users who purchased the Scholl Velvet Smooth electric foot file is the great comfort of this team. Its use is very simple and has an ergonomic design that allows it to be held firmly and comfortably.
  • Safety: The level of safety of this electric foot file was also very present. The system developed by Scholl allows the roller to be slid smoothly on the skin so that the excess is removed without causing pain or discomfort.
  • Head: If at any point of use the head of the electric file wears (what is quite likely), do not worry, since Scholl also produces the special replacement heads so you can enjoy your electric file as much as you want.
  • Rapidity: Thanks to the work, power and speed of rotation offered by the electric file for feet Scholl Velvet Smooth you can see incredible results even in its first use because when separating excess dead skin, you will notice the softness take over your feet.
  • Batteries: In addition, this equipment is capable of running on batteries so it is completely portable. Thanks to this, you can take it with you to the beach and put your beautiful feet to be able to wear those summer sandals that you like so much.
  • It is recommended not to apply too much pressure at the time of filing as this may be able to stop the operation of the device, however, you can get the desired result with several passes.

This file features a rotary movement based on a diamond structure cylinder that is responsible for leaving the feet soft, eliminating dead skin and hardness in a simple way.

To guarantee an adequate result, you have the possibility to change the roller when it loses part of its effectiveness, and its operation based on traditional batteries allows you to extend its useful life and to maintain its full capacity with something as simple as changing the batteries . Undoubtedly, a lime more than interesting that will give your feet the care that is needed.


Electric foot files focus on cleaning the calluses on the feet. Because most of these skin accumulations are in the pressure points of the foot such as the heel and thumb, it is very important that the machine is easy to manipulate to access these spaces with comfort.

The choice between Scholl electric foot files, your Velvet Smooth, stands out in this category due to the fact that it has a carefully designed handle. This handle has the category of ergonomic, which means that it has been tested by third parties so that you can guarantee a firm support and a comfortable grip during use. This will allow you to clean your feet without applying hardly any effort and also, it will help you to apply firmness in thick calluses without discomfort.


The cleaning of the feet may require a certain degree of effort and consideration depending on the degree of callus present. Some of these accumulations may require days or even weeks of dedication to completely disappear. Therefore, the use of electric files has extended considerably.

Due to this, it is very important to take into account the type and level of security offered by the electric file for feet of your interest so that you can use it with ease. In the case of the Scholl Velvet Smooth, we must highlight the fact that this model has a system patented by the company that allows a comfortable and safe bearing that is responsible for removing only the surplus of skin. This will help you to use only what you need without affecting or hurting healthy skin.


Because foot files usually require scratchy surfaces to remove excess skin, many of them choose to use sandpaper because it is comfortable and safe to use. However, this paper may show wear after a certain time of use, so replacements or disposable heads are chosen.

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File also works with a roller coated with sandpaper, which presents wear after considerable use. However, do not worry about this because the brand also manufactures replacement heads for its Velvet Smooth electric file. This will allow you to enjoy your file for a long time as long as you can keep it as new and replacing the head on time. As if that were not enough, your batteries are also disposable, which will help you take your electric file anywhere.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File is a renowned product that has excellent ratings by its buyers so it is a suitable option for anyone who wants to clean their feet automatically.

Electric Foot File, DIOZO Rechargeable Waterproof Hard Skin Remover

3 new from £15.99
Free shipping
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 11:00 pm

  • Rollers: If at any time in your life you have used a pumice stone to try to clean your feet, you will know that they wear out quickly. Bearing this in mind, we want you to know that the electric foot file for DIOZO includes an extra roller so that you can change the installed one as soon as it is worn out.
  • Washable: Also, so that you can get the maximum use and time of action, the This electric foot file rollers are perfectly washable with tap water. In this way you can remove more easily the remnants of cleaning.
  • Finishes: The users of the electric file for feet DIOZO stressed that it has a fairly robust construction that allows them to deduce a high durability.
  • Comfort: Also, customers They indicate that it is very comfortable to use this electric foot file thanks to its ergonomic rubber handle and its weight, which is only 159 grams.
  • Manual: The manual included with this equipment does not come in Spanish but users indicate that it has graphics that allow to understand how the file works.

EDIOZO Rechargeable Waterproof Hard Skin Remover allows you to easily take care of your feet, keeping hard and dead skin at bay.

In contrast to other models, this foot file is based on a rotating roller located on a head that is responsible for removing any unwanted remains. This roller pivots and tilts on the machine at a complete angle of 360 degrees, so that it makes it easy to reach any area, no matter how complex.

These rollers are interchangeable, so that when you start to lose efficiency you just have to replace it with a new one. And to make it even easier to use the file has a rubber grip that allows you to always keep control of it. This nail file works with two simple batteries, so you do not need to worry about batteries, recharges or any other issue to have perfect feet, whenever you need it.

Although there are recognized names and brands, it is not a simple task to determine which is the best brand of electric foot files.

BOMPOW Electronic Foot File, Callus and Hard Skin Remover

£13.59 £19.99
1 new from £13.59
Free shipping
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 11:00 pm

  • Rollers: When you purchase this electric foot file you can even share it because it includes four colored rollers so that its use is practically personal.
  • Rotations: It is capable of producing up to 30 rotations per second, so it is able to clean more quickly your feet.
  • Weight: And presenting a weight of just 109 grams, is one of the lightest models you could find. Thanks to this, you can handle it very firmly.
  • Temperature: It was known that some customers indicated that the device can reach high temperatures due to the rotation speeds.
  • Power: In addition, they also consider that they would have preferred the equipment to be a little more power since if they press too much, the roller stops .

BOMPOW Electronic Foot File though it may seem strange, among the wide ranges of AEG products we can also find electric nail files.

In this case the model BOMPOW Electronic Foot File, Callus and Hard Skin Remover has a rotating roller system that is responsible for removing all those areas of hardness and dead skin of your feet easily. To achieve this effect, this electric nail file has a rotation speed of 30 turns per second, which together with the design of the roller in abrasive format, leaves your feet soft and free of impurities.

To maintain proper hygiene, and against other models, this electric nail file includes four different rollers, which guarantee that they can be used by several people while maintaining proper hygiene. It also incorporates a small cleaning brush so you can keep the machine in perfect condition.

Liberex Electric Foot File Hard Skin Remover

£17.99 £21.99
3 new from £17.99
Free shipping
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 11:00 pm

  • Rotations: The most remarkable advantage of this model is that it is capable of producing up to 1800 RPM, so it is fast enough to clean your feet.
  • Rolls: Includes three rollers so you can replace the main one as soon as you think it does not work anymore, in this way you can use the equipment for longer.
  • Brush: Also, with the purchase you take a brush to clean the remains of impurity and dead skin.
  • Motor: One of the main caveats that we found was that some people consider that the operating engine is a little weak.
  • Function: Therefore, users consider that the equipment works better to perfect a cleaning session of previous roughness.

Liberex Electric Foot File Hard Skin Remover another good proposal for your feet is this Liberex electric nail file, especially simple and easy to use.

This electric nail file works, like the rest, with a rotating roller made with an abrasive material that is responsible for removing any rest of your feet such as hardness, dead skin or any other similar item.

The high speed of rotation of the file, moved by two simple AA batteries guarantees excellent results in a simple way. And although it can be somewhat complicated to handle, thanks to the design of the roller system you will not have problems when accessing the most complex areas. It includes three additional rollers so you can replace them if necessary.

Electric Foot File, DIOZO Hard Skin Remover IPX7 Waterproof Callus Remover Pedicure Tools Machine

1 new from £14.99
Free shipping
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 11:00 pm

  • Warranty: Includes a full year of warranty against manufacturing defects, therefore, your purchase is protected and your money too.Lavailable: You can keep your electric file clean feet clean thanks to their heads can be washed without problems.
  • Accessories : In addition, it includes an extra roller spare so you can replace the one installed when you wear it and a practical brush to clean the remnants.
  • Power: Some users indicated that this equipment is more than anything to finish a pedicure job because they consider that it does not have enough power to eliminate calluses of great hardness.
  • Batteries: In addition, attribute the lack of power to the fact that it works only with two AA batteries.

A machine that besides being the queen among the cheap limes, for its more than adjusted price, it offers everything you need to keep your feet in perfect condition. This electric nail file works through a roller mounted on a frame that is responsible for removing any dead skin or similar.

This roller can be placed in any position, thanks to the ability to turn the nail file, so you will not have problems accessing any area of ​​the feet.

Faced with other types of more complex products based on blades, the DIOZO Hard Skin Remover IPX7 file simply scrapes the areas you need to take care of at high speed, guaranteeing complete safety for your skin. Its rubber grip helps you maintain this control over the product, and thanks to its two AA batteries you will not need to worry about the battery being discharged.

How to use the hard skin remover?

The feet sustain us and carry us during most of the time of daily activities. Consenting and caring for them should be an everyday task for everyone. Using the file for feet helps to take care of them, keeping them soft.

Currently the files have evolved and, like other products, have been modernized, so we have electric files. Next we tell you how to use them.

Read the instructions

In every device, product or article it is convenient to read the instructions. In case the instructions do not appear in the user’s language, with the usage graphs the user can be guided to assemble and disassemble the electric file and use it correctly.

Make sure you grab it correctly

In order for the electric file to perform its function well, it is recommended that it be taken from the handle with precision, so that the hand can be easily moved to direct the file through the different parts of the foot where it is required to file roughness, callus or hardness.

Do not exert too much pressure

For the electric file to work properly, it is recommended not to exert too much pressure on the area that is being filed. Must pass smoothly, but firmly, trying to be precise when directing the file to the areas that really require it.

Pass it several times

To obtain good results with a single pass is not enough; the electric file must be passed several times through the selected area. The movements must be done from top to bottom, passing the file several times through the same area. You can stop filing, clean the area a bit and control the results.

Take advantage of accessories

In most cases, the files have several heads or accessories that have different functions or uses. Each head is designed for a specific area such as the area of ​​the cuticle, to polish the surface of the nail, to outline the contours. The ideal is to use the head or accessory suitable for the area you want to work.

Clean it regularly

Hygiene is fundamental in this type of products; you can remove the roller or simply put it under the tap to wash it after each use. It is recommended to wash and let dry all parts, rollers or accessories that have been used. Once dry, you can proceed to store your electric file in the usual place.

Always take it with you

The advantage of this type of products is that you can always take them with you, which allows you to carry out your routine of personal hygiene and care of the feet in any place. You only need to take your electric foot file and some cream to place after filing.

Remember that it is a product for personal use

The electric file for feet is a product for personal use, so it is recommended that if it is going to be used by several people, each one should have its particular roller. In some cases the files contain several spare rollers, which can be used by other members of the family, but remembering that each one must use its own roller and it is not convenient to share them.

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