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Best Detail Sanders

When it comes to giving the finishing touches to any carpentry job or removing the remains of paint and debris from any surface, the detail sander becomes the perfect companion. Especially because a quality and powerful sander saves you a lot of physical effort and a lot of time compared to the manual process. However, it is necessary that the product is of quality to avoid damage to the few uses or simply can not fulfill its function. These problems are avoided with models such as the Makita BO3711 sander. This sander, besides being the favorite of the consumers, has a great power and an anti-vibration system for an impeccable and effortless work. Also attractive is the Bosch Psm 80 A sander, which has a mouse-shaped design that you can use with one hand, with a high power able to withstand the toughest jobs.

What is the Best Detail Sander in the market?

Both genuine carpenters and DIY enthusiasts who use wood as their main material, use detail sanders to remove large amounts of material on surfaces in a simple way, as well as filing, grinding, sanding and leveling, but above all to achieve a finish of luxury, since a totally smooth wood allows a uniform and durable varnish that at the end gives a great appearance.

We know that you are looking for a good sander but there are so many brands and models in the market that it can be difficult to select a particular one, that’s why we have prepared this guide to buy the best detail sander of [year]. Our goal is that you can acquire one that fully covers your needs and at the same time be economic.

We can start by saying that the sanding process is composed of two important parts, the machine itself and the sandpaper that we will use during the work. This paper will determine in most cases what type of sanding the tool will provide. That is why it is so important to be clear about the use we are going to give the sander.

There are different sizes, including some very specific for example if we need to sand corners and difficult places. Either way, some sanders are very versatile and include different types of accessories for special cases.

5 Best Detail Sanders

Finding the best detail sander is not an easy task, the power of it is a key factor for sanding is adequate. Below, we present some of the best detail sanders for [year], with their characteristics and how they can help you.

Makita BO3711 240 V 1/3-Inch Sheet Orbital Sander

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Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:47 pm

  • It has an excellent level of power that allows sanding large surfaces for a long time without making much noise and getting an excellent finish, is manageable and ergonomic, and does not overheat because it has a cooling system with double blades.
  • This is a tool with a powerful engine that fully satisfies the most demanding users, so it has no negative comments among its buyers that mention its many features.
  • It is a sander designed for use on large surfaces without much noise for its powerful engine, with 11000 RPM you get the best finish for your bricolajes works or decoration without exposing your safety, because it has a non-slip rubber that allows a firm grip on your hands.


In the detail sanders the power is an extremely important aspect because to more power greater are the revolutions per minute, and the result of the work is much more professional. The Makita BO3711 has 190 W of power that translates into 11,000 RPM and 22,000 vibrations per minute to get a more neat job. In addition, with this sander the operator can regulate the speed control through a dial to adapt it to the surface to be sanded and avoid abrasions in the material used.

The work force of this equipment allows it to be used on surfaces such as wood, metals or synthetic materials without worrying about waste since it has a good suction capacity. In the same way, fatigue in the operator is practically nil, because it has an antivibration system that reduces extentions in the person who uses it.


This tool has dimensions of 93x228mm and a light weight of 1.6 kg, which means that it can easily be used with one hand for operator comfort. In this way the sander can be moved over a large surface without difficulty because it has a 2 meter power cable that allows greater freedom of movement without depending on the location of the plug. It also highlights its ergonomic design with excellent support due to the anti-slip handles it has in the front and back. Its versatility and easy handling make it ideal for any type of project that requires a professional finish.

Regarding the exchange of the sandpaper on this machine, it is very simple because it has two grippers on the sides that firmly support the paper to give security during the smoothing and when it wears it can be replaced quickly.


When you sand a wooden surface, for example, the most tedious thing is to collect the sawdust remains scattered all over the place, which is why the manufacturers have chosen to develop sanders with the ability to vacuum the waste material, and the Makita BO3711 is no exception. It is developed with a powerful internal vacuum system that collects all waste and allows an external vacuum cleaner to be added to increase its capacity.

In some sanders you may feel overheating during prolonged use but in the Makita BO3711 this will not be a problem because it has an efficient two-blade cooling system that extends the life of the equipment considerably.

Bosch PSM 100 A Multi-Sander [Energy Class A]

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Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:47 pm

  • Easy handling: The sander can be easily operated with one hand, thanks to its practical design with an anti-vibration handle.
  • Various surfaces: It can be used on various surfaces and adapts to different types of spaces.
  • Three sanding sheets: Includes three sanding sheets, to guarantee the durability of the product.
  • Divided plate: The main plate of the sander is divided into two parts, one to take advantage of the tip of the sandpaper, and another for the inside.
  • Difficult to remove the dust box.

Considered by Bosch a multi-sander, it is really an all-terrain sander thanks to its power of 80 watts, by the delta point design you can reach without any problem the corners and is ideal even for small surfaces.

It has the microfilter system with which the dust will be sucked directly into the tank included for that purpose.

The plate of the sander is divided into two parts, on the one hand to take more advantage of the leaves that do not always wear out equally, then you can change the delta tip if it is what has worn out, or the wider rectangular part if it is the case. Changing the sander blade will be quick thanks to the zipper it has. The handle is anti-vibration type for greater comfort when using the tool.

Sanding tasks are always difficult, especially when they are done manually, so it is best to have a device that facilitates this task.

Skil 7207AA Compact Multisander Octo with dust collector

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Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:47 pm
  • Compact design: It has a compact design, which only weighs 898 grams, so it is smaller than an iron and can be easily manipulated with one hand.
  • Multifunction foot: The foot is designed to be multifunctional and reach different surfaces, thanks to its ogival shape, for corners and corners.
  • Accessories: Includes eight different accessories, including three sheets of sandpaper of different textures, according to the degree of sanding required by each surface.
  • Simple use: This sander has a very simple use, since it only needs to be connected and press the corresponding button to turn it on.
  • Vacuum: It also includes the special function of suction, which absorbs dust in a special tank that can then be recycled.
  • Intensity: For some users, the intensity of the sander is low, so you need to keep it for a while on a surface to observe good results.

This delta-tip sander will allow you to sand with high precision and ease. It will allow you to sand corners, curves, narrow spaces, edges and other places of difficult access. With just selecting the right accessory, all these tasks will be carried out without major problem.

This tool passed performance tests by the German magazine “Selbst ist der Mann” and was rated “gut” (“remarkable”). You can rotate the sanding plate according to your convenience or with the simple purpose of making the most of the sanding sheets that are fastened with Velcro.

The accessories are sold separately and will allow you to sand rounded, curved, covered or narrow surfaces. Change accessories with the push of a button, does not require Allen keys or screwdrivers for that purpose.

It has an integrated dust extraction system with connection for standard vacuum cleaners which will allow you to work with total cleanliness. With a power of 100 W with a total surface of sanding 151 x 102 mm, with the invertible tip of 92 mm., You can make yourself an infinity of projects in your home.

If you have already set a budget to invest in this equipment, know the best sanding for 40 euros, with its corresponding pros and cons.

Meister MES480-1

  • Power: the Meister sander MES 480 – 1547200 has a working power of 480 watts that will help you get smooth finishes quickly and easily.
  • Design: this model has a structural design that entails an ergonomic grip so you can maintain comfort and firmness when using it, which you will greatly appreciate during long days.
  • Dimensions: presents quite comfortable and compact dimensions which are ideal for both amateur and professional jobs and with which you will get a wide range of possibilities of using your sander.
  • Cable: and to offer you greater freedom, the sander MES 480 – 1547200 from Meister has a 3 meter long power cable that will help you move around your project without problems.
  • Sandpaper: does not include too many sandpapers so you should invest a little more if you want to use this equipment for extensive and intense use.

Sanders are basic tools in any carpentry shop because they are used to eliminate roughness of wood surfaces in order to feel soft to the touch and safe to use.

An excellent choice between sanders is the Meister model MES480-1 5457200. This sander has the advantage of having a good design capable of providing an excellent grip to facilitate the work. Because this type of equipment is constantly used on the same piece to obtain a good result, it is important to look for them to be ergonomic and comfortable to use. And this is something that you will get if you decide for this model because it has an ergonomic handle and a support that will allow you to use it easily without running out, besides allowing you to maintain firmness.

It also has a powerful 480-watt motor that will help you finish jobs quickly and without excessive effort. This model has dimensions of 30.6 x 19.4 x 13 centimeters and a weight of just 2.5 kilograms, which makes it compact and easy to load. In addition, with these measures, you can manipulate it with a lot of freedom to reach difficult corners.

Brüder Mannesmann Multischleifer

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 9:47 pm
  • Use with one hand: This design allows the sander to be used with only one hand. And it does not require a complex assembly and installation process.
  • Vacuum cleaner: It has a vacuum cleaner for dust, which is deposited in a special bag, located on the back of the sander.
  • Accessories: It has among its accessories three sheets of sandpaper and the special bag to store the dust.
  • Functional design: Its design is functional, in the shape of an ogive with an open angle, ideal for sanding on surfaces with corners or closed spaces.
  • Weight: The weight, which is 2.8 kg, can be an inconvenience for some people. Especially if the person has a small hand.
  • Dust bag: Sometimes the dust bag fills up very quickly and must be emptied several times in the same day of sandpaper.

Among the best cheap sanders we find this Brüder option. Especially recommended for corners, edges and faces. The change of the sandpaper is really fast, but as it is reflected in the opinions of the users, it is necessary to change them with care not to break the velcro of grip.

While it has a bag that sucks the dust, do not expect much of this process of aspiration, it helps but it will not free you from having to pick up afterwards. Compared with other tip sanders, it is a bit heavy but this also helps the sanding process to be good.

Includes a transport bag and three sandpapers. It has a power of 220 watts and a sanding area greater than many of the sanders with delta tip of the market. Really suitable if you want to use it at home in your projects.

In case your priority is to economize, we have left for the end this option, which has been signaled among the cheapest sanders in the market.

Purchase Guide Sander

What type of sander is best?

As we have indicated, this depends on your particular needs, but you will find at least six types of sanders and each one has some characteristics that must be checked before making the purchase.

Belt sander

These sanders are ideal in the start phases of large sanding jobs, as well as the first stages of finishing. Band sanders are usually very powerful so we recommend you be very careful to avoid damaging the material you are sanding.

Try to buy one that has speed settings, as well as a safety button to prevent accidental ignitions. It is also recommended an ergonomic handle that allows you to place your hands in a comfortable position, which in the end will not get so tired when using this type of sanders.

Details sander

They are small sanders normally used to sand hard-to-reach corners and small cracks in wood such as carvings, slats, curves and sausages. Detail sanders are widely used in crafts, and not so much for factory jobs such as frames and window doors. If you decide to buy this type of sander, choose one that has several accessories, this will depend on the versatility of your sander.

Disc sander

This type of sanders can be found by hand and bank. The handles are for occasional use rather domestic, while the bank versions are used by those people who will work with the disk sander for longer, some carpenters have them in their workshops.

Disc sanders are able to sand edges at an angle quickly and are frequently used to achieve the final finish of the wood. If you are thinking of buying a bench disc sander, you should also consider that it has some features: sliding miter, a tilting table, and a belt sander in the frame.

Sander roto-orbital

These sanders have pads that provide a circular movement with a random pattern, which allows the user to move the sander in any direction on the material without scratching the surface of the sander.

This type of sander is very easy to use so it is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts. It’s good to keep in mind that most of these roto-orbital sanders require the use of a specific sandpaper for each brand and model of sander.

Orbital sander

The main difference of this type of sander and the previous one, is that the orbital sanders vibrate the sandpaper in one direction, not in a circular way, so they have to move in the direction of the grain of the material that we are sanding for Do not damage the surface. These sanders are very versatile and can be used for different projects.

Shaft sander

Finally, we have a very powerful sanders, ideal for sanding edges and especially edges with curves. They are sanders mounted on a bench, with a cylindrical shaft located in the center of a work table. These sanders are usually for professional use, if you choose an axle sander, choose an oscillating, which allows you to remove more material and at the same time reduces the risk of damage to what you are sanding.

You know, before asking how much it costs, check all the features very well. Make a comparison of sanders according to your needs.

How to use a Detail Sander?

If you love working with wood, a sander is an important investment you must make. The sanders are responsible for eliminating small errors in the wood, smoothing rough or uneven surfaces, and subsequently allow you to paint or dye the surface of the wood more easily.

There are several types of sanders and each has its advantages. The hand sanders will allow you to reach difficult places, they are also quite economical and useful for almost any project with wood. They are even safe for children, of course, under the supervision of an adult.


The first thing you have to do is put the sandpaper that your wood and your project need to the sander. The roughness of the sandpaper is known as grain. The lower the grain number, the rougher the sandpaper. Most sanders have a specific form of sandpaper that should be used instead of just a random sheet of sandpaper.

To put or change the sandpaper to your sander, simply remove the old sheet and place the new one pressing it towards the sander. Most sanders have a velcro type material that is responsible for grabbing the sanding sheet.

Set up

While the sander is on, the sandpaper moves quickly. You might think then that if your hand touches the sandpaper, it will hurt. However, sandpaper does not usually cause any damage.

You must plug the sander into the power supply and turn on the switch of the sander so that it starts working.

Deposit for dust

We recommend purchasing a sander that has a dust collection tank. We will be honest, this deposit does not trap every dust particle, but it catches many of them. This is crucial especially if you suffer from respiratory problems or allergies.

Little effort when sanding

A common feature of all sanders is that the operator needs to do little work while working with them since there is no need to press too hard or exert much force while sanding.

When the sanders are lit, they vibrate a lot, which makes it easier to slide on the wood as soon as you touch it. This results in a self-propelled action that reduces work for the operator. Simply press the sander lightly across the surface forwards and backwards and let it do most of the work.

The only time you need to press a little more is when there are large rough areas or spots. If the normal sanding does not get rid of it, you have to press a little more in order to deepen sanding in the wood.

When finishing sanding

Once you have finished sanding, be sure to remove all the sanding dust with a brush or with an adhesive fabric so that when painting or dying the wood there are no dust spots adhered to it.

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