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5 Best 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cookers

Do you need a single kitchen appliance which does all job like boiling, backing, frying, or broiling?

Well, to make delicious meal at the home, you need a perfect kitchen appliance which does all these things in perfect manner. Either you want to make soup or four course dinner or want to boil, fry, or sauté, you need a perfect stove top which does all these job perfectly.

For that you need a high quality electric range which does all these job. We have reviewed more than dozens of electric range, which has smoothtop, and comes with single/double ovens. Do check out the top 5 electric range, which we shortlisted after much research.

When it comes to electric range, you can see high known brands like Samsung, LG, blomberg, GE etc provides high quality ranges. If you are good electric range, you can get free from natural gas, just plug-in your range and start cooking in minutes. It helps you to reheat food, cook multiple delicious dishes within minutes and it also requires small space.

Use smoothtop of range for broiling and baking while you can use stove top for boiling, frying at the same time. We recommended you to have this kitchen appliance in your kitchen, it will help you to prepare in daily cooking for you and your family. The biggest benefit which mentioned above, it totally runs on electricity, so you can use it anytime and wherever you get power plug.

How we selected Best Dual Fuel Range Cooker?

We have researched by different criteria, like type of range, features any range offer, warranty, user ratings and other factors as well. Price is too an important factor but if you want high quality range with high features, you need to spend much or with low price, you have to compromise with features.

Electric range is quite useful kitchen appliance with more helpful stove top and ovens. Its all in one product which can replace many of your kitchen appliance. Do read the detail reviews of the best product which we shortlisted after research.

Top 5 Best 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cookers

After 16 hours of research, we have shortlisted top 5 dual fuel range cookers, now check our review and make your best buy online.

La Germania 90cm Twin Range Cooker Dual Fuel (Black) [Energy Class A]

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 10:41 am
  • Looks good, have elegant design, stainless steel color match every interior
  • High quality product with cool touchpad, easy to use
  • Double oven is advantage
  • High end features, and smooth stove
  • Costly

The most advance and high end feature range is here. It will surely match all your expectation which have for one electric range. It comes super smooth top, timer facility, more burners and oven and touch controls. It has advance technology used which cleans itself, and the elegant design adds more in it.

GE PS950SFSS has five burners, one big burner, 2 average and 2 small size burners. You can use them as per your need, can be easily operated via touch controls. The touch controls have some pre-defined cooking menu as well. That’s on the top, but under in it, you will get double oven, which you can use it for cooking anything at the same time. So, its perfect product which saves your lot of time.

GE has given 10 years warranty on this product, you can set free for next 10 years, and no maintenance cost and uses it without much mess. It has stainless steel color, looks good and can match anywhere. It requires 240 volts of power, and its weight is 225 pounds.

La Germania 90cm Twin Range Cooker Dual Fuel (Stainless Steel) [Energy Class A]

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 10:41 am
  • Low price with good features
  • Small range, can fix anywhere
  • Perfect light weight product
  • Single oven
  • Average design

If you are looking for good electric range in low price edition with basic facility but high quality product, you should try Avanti ER24P3SG electric range. Its a freestanding range with single oven and 4 burners. Its has 24 inch size, fits in every kitchen cabinet and interior.

The oven has given visual controls and easy movable knobs for on/off or for temperature setting. Though, there are many features which are missing like, self-cleaning feature, touch buttons, double oven etc. But in this price range, you get the best product for sure. It has 4 burner with equal size, you can use all of them easily.

It uses 220 volts of power, has 94 pounds of weight and 25 x 23.5 x 40.8 inches of dimension. On the design, it looks average but under $699 we have choose this as it worked well, performs good, without much issue.

Montpellier MRT91DFMX 90cm Twin Cavity Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Stainless Steel

2 new from £799.00
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 10:41 am

  • Light weight product with high quality features
  • High performance
  • In budget, elegant design
  • Makes little noise while starting

Did you like GE PS950SFSS? If yes, but rejected it for price factor, than GE PHS920SFSS can be good option. Its almost same product but with single oven. They both share same functionality and features, just that it has one less oven and price difference.

Its 5.3 cu. Ft. And 30 inch electric range which has 4 heating elements. You can control all burners using touchpad, which can be easily accessible. You can use its auto-self clean feature to clean it and save your time. Fast reheat, good design and high quality product. It heat up 1cm water in bowl in just 10 second. Using big burner, you can get heat up easily and faster.

It makes every low noise on starting, but it gets silent within few minutes of usage. Its good to have product in kitchen, you will surely like it. If you not have much usage of oven and can use single oven, you can go with this or you can buy GE PS950SFSS for double oven.

New World NW90DF3ST 90cm Triple Cavity Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Stainless Steel

Last update was on: October 24, 2021 10:41 am
  • Cheap in price
  • High end features
  • Good design, more heating elements
  • Auto keep warm feature
  • Single oven
  • Old knobs to control oven

A simple yet powerful electric range with single oven and 5 burners. It is one of the best low price electric range which has high end features and low price with good design. It comes with 5.4 cu. ft. Convection oven which is good enough to cook for 5-6 people’s family.

It gives you quick pre-heat which will help you to boil things on induction top. It has mix of touch buttons and knobs for oven controls. You can adjust temperature or change mode of oven via knobs, 5 different knobs are given there. While, you can use buttons to use and control induction top.

You get auto-clean feature, you can make best use of it to clean it easily. While, you can also use its “auto keep warm” feature which is too useful for those who has frequent reheat food. Just put it on stove top and it will get it heat up till you not pick up. It gives you warm food always. And get extended warranty of 3 year as well.


1 new from £849.00
Last update was on: October 24, 2021 10:41 am
  • Low price
  • 4 burners
  • Single oven with big size
  • No auto clean feature
  • No auto keep warm feature

The cheapest electric range with smoothtop, and best heating elements in it. It has been known as the best range with low price tag. It has big size oven and more heating elements too. Easy to operate and good design as well.

LG LSE4613ST has smoothtop which has 4 different burners; you can use them easily with help of knobs. Just like simple old stove, you need to move the knobs to on/off your burners. While it has 6.3 cu ft. Of oven which is convection type. You can get all other notification on LCD display, like oven start/stop, settings, timer facility and much more.

It has stainless steel color, you can fix it anywhere and it will match to any interior as well. Though, you will miss auto-clean, touch buttons and auto keep warm features in this range. But under $149, its a good electric range to have.


A good 90cm dual fuel range cookers can give you good meals at home in all session and give you tasty and healthy food at home. While it also save your money and save you to eat boring food of restaurant daily. Among all the mentioned electric range, GE PS950SFSS is good range with more heating element, double oven, 10 year warranty and advance features.

I like to test products and recommend the best ones, write reviews, travel and spend time with my family.

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