Best 10 inch Subwoofers

Are you fed up of listing to flat music in car? Well, to get new powerful listening experience and to entertain your ears more, try to have extra bass in music. Having a subwoofer is best way to get extra bass. If your double den unit or car stereo speaker has low bass, it won’t help to listen better music while driving. In that case, buy a new 10 inch subwoofer which will produce deeper ton which your car speaker not capable off. Below we have included some of the best 10 inch subwoofers, which can add more bass in your car audio.

After searching for hrs and taking consideration of user feedback, user ratings, important points like power handling capacity, we have shortlisted some of the best 10 inch subwoofer and compared in table below.

These are the options, compare them and choose the best one which fits in your budget. But you must be thinking how to choose the best one? Well, here is our buying guide which will help you to choose the best one.

How to choose best 10 inch subwoofer?

You know why subwoofer is needed in car speaker system, because due to the specific design of the subwoofer, it reproduces the bass. It catches the low frequency of the audio and creates more bass (Which mostly not possible with small speakers like 6×9 speakers). It adds more power and bass sound that no other speaker can fulfill it. Subwoofer is available in different sizes like 10 inches, 12 inches and 15 inches.

Below is list of points you need to consider while buying new 10 inch subwoofer, do check out.

Power capacity (RMS & Peak Power) :- Like 6×9 speakers, here in subwoofer as well you need to check the maximum power handling capacity of the speaker. How much is RMS power, Peak power capacity of the speaker, is much important to know.

Voice coils: – it is also important to check how much voice call is supported by your subwoofer, single or double? Double voice coils put more efforts to make most of the every watts and also reduce the load of amplifier.

Nominal impedance (Ohms):- Always go with the lower OHMS as the lower rate of ohms leads to more powerful output as it reduces the resistance.

Frequency range: – you need to check the frequency range supported by the subwoofer as it helps you to reach greater depth of the music. Frequency range plays important role in music quality.

Price: – You can find many price range of subwoofer in 10 inch size category. You get what you pay for in subwoofer price, so if you want a better subwoofer which produces better bass, you need to ready to pay more.

We are now providing the reviews of the top 5 subwoofers which are popular and recommended by our editor.

Top 5 Best 10 inch Subwoofers

Do check out our review and decide which subwoofer is better in 10 inch size category. We have considered the important points, user ratings, features, user feedback and price.

JL Audio 10W7AE-3 – 10″ Single 3-Ohm W7 Series Subwoofer

Last update was on: January 25, 2022 2:28 am
  • Batter handling of power
  • Good range frequency
  • Has double voice coil, uses air-cooled aluminum frame for low voice reduction
  • Has 300-500 watts of range
  • 3 OHMS
  • Overpriced, might be out of budget for some

Here is JL Audio’s W7AE series which has high range of power, uses latest features and technology and provides amazing bass. JL Audio 10W7AE-3 is best 10 inch woofer which uses Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA), which reduces the sound distortion and provides you better sound dynamics.

This subwoofer has 300-750 watts of range, has 8 inch of depth which is super great to provide better bass effect. The cutout diameter of this speaker is 8-3/4 inches, fits perfectly in your car. The frame is made of Air-cooled aluminum alloy frame which has capacity of massive forced.

This JL audio 10W7AE-3 has 20-250 of frequency range, provides good quality of music. The lead wire design ensures that you don’t get much machine noise and reduces the sound distortion. JL audio provides 1 year of warranty with this speaker. For better woofer sound, we recommended to add 2 JL audio 10W7AE-3 in your car.

Kenwood eXcelon P-XW1000B 10″ Subwoofer

Last update was on: January 25, 2022 2:28 am

  • highest power handling capacity subwoofer
  • low priced
  • unique design
  • powerful audio
  • Low range

After JL audio, here is another subwoofer from Kenwood. Kenwood P-XW1000B has good music output, high power capacity, low ohms and low price as well. Kenwood, pionner, JL audio are known brand in car speakers.

This 10 inch subwoofer has capacity up to 1000 watts at peak and 250 watts of RMS power handling. Such power handling is rare to match with any other subwoofer. With frequency range of 35-800 hz, this subwoofer can catch any low notes easily and provides better output.

It has 90 db of sensitivity and 4 Ohms of impedance, provides good quality of subwoofer.  It has carbon glass fiber cone, butyl rubber surround, and cast aluminum basket. It is uniquely designed subwoofer, which you can place it under the seat of your car/truck and enjoy the best music.

Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-10

2 new from £169.00
Last update was on: January 25, 2022 2:28 am
  • Customization
  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Compact and unique design
  • Very low frequency range
  • Low depth

Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-10 has more power capacity, dual voice coil and low price. If you are looking for low price range option with great quality, here is best choice you can make for your car woofer. This speaker has 40-250 hz frequency range which enhance the woofer sound.

Rockford P3SD4-10 has dual voice coil and 4 ohm which produce great more music with can assign it to any amplifier and you can enjoy great music. Rockford has used anodized aluminum frame which has high capacity of power handling.

Rockford has also given stampcast basket with integrated spider venting with this speaker. Though it has only 3.5 inch of depth. It can handle up to 300 watts of power range which give great effect. P3SD4-10 has only 83 dB of sensitivity, but will surely make you enjoy the music.

Rockford Fosgate P2D2-10

1 new from £149.00
Last update was on: January 25, 2022 2:28 am

  • Dual voice coils
  • Low impedance
  • High power rating capacity
  • Not so compact design eats more space
  • Low sound quality

Another one from Rockford in our best 10 inch subwoofer list, this model of Rockford, P2D2-10, has very low price. If you are looking for under $100 price subwoofer, this is best choice you can have. This subwoofer of p2D is available in two options, one with 2 ohm and 4 ohm.

It has 2.5 inch copper clad aluminum voice coil, which gives good power handling capacity to the subwoofer. It can handle 300 watts of RMS power and 600 watts of peak power. Such power handling is more than enough for car/truck.

It has 29-250 hz of frequency range, which catch all the low notes as well and delivers to your ears easily, gives clean and clear music. As mentioned above, its available in 2 ohm and 4 ohm version, we recommended to go with 2ohm version. Rockford has used flex fit basket design for this speaker like P3SD4.

Kicker 44CWCD104 Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer

1 new from £109.00
Last update was on: January 25, 2022 2:28 am

  • High frequency range
  • Long durable
  • Average power handling capacity
  • No customization, no wiring option
  • High impedance

One of the cheapest and subwoofer with extensive frequency range, Kicker 44CWCD104 has all those features which you want in car subwoofer. If you have best double din head unit and looking for proper subwoofer which matches to it, this kicker 10C104 is best option.

It has 360 degree back bracing, injection molded cone and high temp coil wire.  Kicker 44CWCD104 500 watts of power capacity, and RMS of 50-150 watts. It has 86.2 db of sensitivity, and 30-500 hz of frequency range. This kicker 44CWCD104 has one of the extensive frequency range, allows you listen every low notes clearly.

It has one voice coil only and no wiring option, you cannot customize this subwoofer at all, and it has 0 ohm of impedance, which bit high. Kicker has used strong steel basket with ribbed surround extent its power handling capacity. Under £100 price, this is best option you are looking for.


Earlier was the days when you can enjoy car music with simple stereo, but now its not possible. Now people demand for more enhancing bass, music quality and also unique sound speaker. To fulfill these demands, we have reviewed some of the best and popular 10 inch subwoofers. From £600 to £60, from all price range of subwoofers are being reviewed here, choose the best which fits with your budget.

Though, after reviewing all the top subwoofer in 10 inch size range, our editor has recommended to go with JL Audio’s 10W7AE-3 subwoofer, which has more power handling capacity, low impedance, more speaker depth and high frequency range. It is totally the  best choice, if you want powerful subwoofer in budget.

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