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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Baby Stroller

If you are new parents, one of the essential pieces of baby gear you will need to purchase is a baby stroller. Think about the many ways you will be using the baby stroller; you will use it when you go to the store, when you go shopping, run errands, or perhaps for a stroll in the park. The point is, you need a baby buggy that will last from infancy to toddler age, which means you need a rugged stroller especially if you plan to use it every day. Otherwise, you will end up having to buy several strollers before your baby reaches the age of two.

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Today, the baby stroller has transformed from a once heavy and clunky piece of gear to a very functional and in many cases sporty-looking item. This means that the new baby strollers you see on the market are for both young couples that want the sportier look and traditional types of buggies for those wanting a look that is more conservative. Whatever type, look, or color you want, you will surely find it today.

One of the things to keep in mind when you are baby stroller shopping is your needs. First, will you be using the buggy to get from point A to point B in your vehicle, if so; you definitely want to look at the sportier buggies. These are very portable and fold easily to fit in your car and some even have one-handed open and folding mechanisms making it especially useful when you are running errands.

In addition, there are jogging strollers that you will want to check out. These are three-wheel buggies that have hand brakes, which makes it very easy for joggers to use while baby is asleep or enjoying the view. The baby or toddler in these jogging strollers do not recline completely and often the seat turns so that you can have baby facing you or facing away from you, which is quite useful.

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Your first step to choosing the perfect baby stroller is to identify your needs, because this will dictate what type of buggy you need. If you do not plan to travel or jog with your baby, then you may choose a more standard buggy, but if you plan to jog, travel, or use the device for numerous occasions, then you definitely want one that will make life easier on you when you leave the house with your baby.

Lastly, take all of the aspects about the baby stroller you are looking for such as how compact it is, does it have storage space, how cushioned is the seat, restraining straps, harness, how many safety features comes with the stroller, and your budget. Taking all of these into account along with your needs and lifestyle will lead you to the perfect buggy that will last you through infancy to toddler.

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