A can opener alternative

There are a variety of can openers. Common to many can openers is that they can suddenly fail the service. Then a quick alternative to the can opener is needed. What alternatives there are to the can opener and other tips on this we have summarized for you below.

Have you also noticed that can openers break quickly?

It is impossible to imagine a modern household without a can opener. If you look at the huge market for can openers, you could almost come to the conclusion that the demand must really be very large. This is confirmed by the numerous users who have already had to deal with a defective can opener.

The problem shows up in the “price consciousness”. Because brand-name openers are definitely conspicuously high-priced. This is contrasted by no-name can openers, which are often available in the low single-digit euro range, but can also easily reach up to 20 dollars. For a can opener, one would assume, this should actually be a price range in which quality is offered.

How a can opener works

The problem, however, is that the can opener is definitely massively stressed. Do not forget that the cutting edge must cut through a steel lid. For this purpose, the various cutting edges are worked accordingly:

  • cutting wheel, sharp all around
  • small triangular point with front cutting edge

Since these can openers just like to quit their service, an alternative is at least useful, so that you do not stand in the evening or at night suddenly with great ravenous hunger in front of the ravioli can and can not get it open. A real alternative here is the can opener with hook. This can opener is often found as an additional tool in a combination pocket knife. At first glance, this alternative can opener looks like an opener for crown caps.

Real alternative to the conventional can opener

This can opener is pierced into the rim of the lid at the can seam and hooked with the small hook on the outside of the can seam. An upward or downward motion is then used to guide the cutting edge of the tool through the sheet metal of the can lid. Then the small hook is moved slightly in the direction of opening and the cutting motion is repeated. This then continues until the lid is at least open enough for you to flip it to the side.

Now, if you’re on the go or don’t have anything at all handy that could begin to open a can, you can also resort to other tools to open a can without a can opener. Follow the link, you will get several alternatives to open a can. Even with only a stone slab or on a stone or concrete floor, you will then be able to open a can of food.

Elizabeth Green

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