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7 Best Hair Straightening Tips While Using Flat Iron

Hair straighteners are a revolutionary product used for many years by people to make their hair more manageable, stylish and sleek. However, the capabilities of these straighteners do not just end on straightening. Over the years, many professionals and home experts found some tips and tricks to use hair straightener in a different way.

Because bone straight hair can be boring if done regularly for too long. You can achieve multiple new looks just by tweaking the technique a little. This means you can use the straightener in multiple ways. And more bang for the buck! So here are a few tips to use hair straightener to get the optimal use of your hair straightener.

Hair Straightening Tips: Using to Perfection!

Tip #1 Preparation for Straightening

Straightening the hair is not just about holding the hot equipment against your hair. You have to plan the process beforehand when still in the shower. The shampoos which say they would straighten the hair are generally a scam, because everyone knows they do not work. However the formula of some shampoos help weigh down the hair making them more acceptable for hair straightening afterwards. Use deep conditioning to prevent the damage from excessive heat and to make sure the cuticles are sealed properly.

Tip #2 Wait till Hair are Dry and Hair Straightener is Hot

Doing everything on the run and keeping healthy hair a time is not possible. However you can arrange the schedule accordingly to allow your hair to be completely dry before any straightening process is started. Because when the wet hair are exposed to the heat, they sizzle. And this sound is not very friendly for the hair because it means damage. So very dry hair to start with are recommended. If you are sure the hair are dry but the iron is still sizzling, do not be scared because it could be possibly because of the hair products is this Hair Straightening Tips Great.

Also wait till the straightener reaches the optimal level of heat required. As you can swipe twice or thrice and the hair may look visibly straight. But the key to straightening is that the flat iron is really hot, just about the recommended temperature for your hair type. That is when the hair will stay straightened for a long time period and will not just fade away with slight humidity.

Hair Straightening Tip #3 Take a Clean and Secure Start

Before beginning to straighten the hair, make sure the straightening tools are clean. This means removing any dust from the surface as it can affect the heat transfer. Also the residue from hair products build up inside the flat iron can cause them to burn and damage the hair strands or the ceramic plates themselves. So it is recommended to wipe clean the surface of Hair Straightening Tips is to iron frequently.

Not only the flat iron, your hair are supposed to be clean as well. As the scalp releases natural oils, straightening without the wash can basically fry your roots intensifying the heat and damage. So keep sure the hair oils are kept at bay and the product build up is also removed in regular intervals. 

Tip #4 Use the Comb Strategically

Comb is the primary supporting tool for hair straightening which helps you do so much. First of all, detangling the hair and removing all the knots is very necessary. Different combs are available in market and you can choose the one according to the hair type.

The loose combs are ideal for people with thicker hair who often have many knots, so they separate without breaking many hair. The finer combs with many bristles are ideal for people with thinner hair. But they may pull out hair more often, so hair brushes are a popular detangling solution as well.

With hair straightening, a comb with a pointy end is preferred as it helps to create some sections in the hair. A plain comb also has at least one edge so it can be used cleverly to divide the hair in straight lines.

Tip #5 Move from Backwards to Forward

When working on sections of hair, using the sectioning technique helps if you divide the hair generally in two bigger chunk. The front side or the upper half of the head needs to be done at the end. So clip them together on the top of the head to deal with them later.

Meanwhile, divide the other half or the bottom half of the scalp in two parts and throw them on the back. Keep pulling small sections accordingly.  And when done, unclip the front section and start doing the same. This time you would throw the straighter pieces on the back so every hair is kept checked. This technique is followed by many stylists and is very practical.

Tip #6 Take Even Chunks of an Inch

When dividing the hair into sections, you will still need to take smaller chunks at a time. Because most of the flat irons have two plates and to ensure even heating for every hair, chunks are preferred. Chunks of about an inch are recommended at a time depending on the thickness of your hair.

This procedure may take quite a while before the hair are completely straightened out. But it would be worth the results as the hair will absorb maximum possible heat. So they will straight for the longest possible time. Do not forget to apply some after heat products to seal the temperature inside the strands completely. Some of the lighter hold hair sprays would do the trick but very heavy hold sprays can cause the hair to weigh down and look weird.

Tip #7 Do more than just Straightening

Best straighteners for short hair can do so much more than just straightening the hair. You can use them at an angle to create the adorable curls. Many expert stylists use the flat irons with thinner ceramic plats to curl the hair. The size and type of curl usually depend on the width of best flat iron plates. The smaller the plates, the denser the curls.

And also the number of chunks and how thick they are depend on the type of curls you will get. This means you can get the curls of your choice without buying any other styling equipment. Remember using a holding hair spray afterwards so the curls stay intact till the evening.

Not just curls,Hair Straightening Tips is that you can add some texture at the bottom of the hair by swiping the straightener in an angle. So the hair bottom would be slightly tilted inside or outside depending on the preferences. This also adds volume to the otherwise flat hair.

You can also straight the hair with the partition opposite to your regular side and then flip the hair at the other side to get that extra swish and volume closest to the scalp. The hair might be a little stubborn to move over but a little hair spray will hold them long enough on the side.

Best Straighteners for Short Hair

Hair straightening is never going out of style, not in at least. It is not wrong to say that hair straighteners were …


The hair straighteners may look simple but you can use them in so many unique ways to get exactly what you want. Getting the most out of the hair straightener is also perfected by the tips mentioned above to make sure the hair is left in the best condition, best texture and best style possible. Make sure you use the device at the perfect heating temperature and get the right products for the hair so the damage from heat is minimized. And using the right temperature will allow the hair to be straighter for longer duration. 

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