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12 Racquetball Tips to Improve Your Game

Racquetball is not only a physical game. The game includes both physical and mental aspects. It is more of a mind game, like chess. The physical strength cannot take you anywhere if you are not ready to deal with the mental challenges.  You cannot play it without a technique or strategy. To win the game you need to win the majority of rallies. So your basic focus should be towards that.

Learning racquetball game can be most intimidating thing. The sheer speed of the players during the game can leave you stunned.

Racquetball Tips to Improve Your Game
Racquetball Tips to Improve Your Game

We have included some basic racquetball tips that will help you to improve your game

  1. The first and most important tip of starting the game is the proper warm up. Practice hitting the most common shots such as down the line passing shot and ceiling ball 10-minutes before starting the game. It can be accurate warm up for the racquetball game.
  2. Down the line (DTL) are important. Hit them as often as possible.
  3. Forehand strokes should be played with proper technique only. During this stroke, the racquet should move from ear to ear. Just pretend that you are throwing your racquet on the front wall. This trick ensures a complete follow through.
  4. Maintain a proper distance from the ball. Do not move towards it. The distance between the ball and you should be equivalent to your swing circle. Keep it to your side.
  5. One should put efforts to increase his consistency while serving. Establish an aim on the front ball and target it. Always focus on the game while you are serving because it is the only time when you have 100% control on the ball.
  6. Use proper forehand and backhand grips to ensure your win during the game.
  7. If you are hitting a shot within 5 feet of the back wall, play a ceiling ball. All mishits by your opponents will definitely pass through this position. So, from this position you will be able to retrieve all the passes.
  8. Watch your opponent while he hit the ball. Keep a sharp eye on the ball at all times. Try to find your opponent’s weakness
  9. Choose the center court position and move towards it.
  10. Keep your racquet up all the times and stay ready for the shot.
  11. Always hit the ball away from your opponent. Keep your component constantly running and try to make his shots difficult to execute.
  12. Practice is a very important part of your game. Playing a game is not a practice. Hit the ground during off hours and hit the ball with all your dedication. You always need to practice the game before playing it. Practicing a game helps you to gain mental health in addition of physical health.

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Do not take these tips personally. According to the best racquetball racquet [year], these are general suggestions which help most of the players. These are based on the experience of famous and successful players. Incorporate these tips in your game simultaneously to get immediate results.

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